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Why Study Baptists? A Festschrift to Bill J. Leonard

Edited by: Keith Harper, C. Douglas Weaver
Product Code: P695
ISBN: 9780881469288
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00

If festschrifts celebrate a person for their life's work, few are more worthy of the honor than Bill J. Leonard. He is equal parts teacher, minister, and administrator, all with a style that is "uniquely Leonard." WHY STUDY BAPTISTS? features eleven essays by friends, colleagues, and former students that bear witness to that style. These essays explore topics ranging from race and spirituality to Appalachian religion, and religious freedom. If one detects a familiar ring, it is because those are broad themes that reflect Bill Leonard's career. He will tell you that he is a radical when it comes to race--because he is. He will tell you that he keeps close tabs on the political scene, especially on religious liberty issues--because he does. He will tell you that he cares deeply about others, especially in matters bearing on spirituality and equality--because it's true. So, why should anyone study Baptists? The reasons vary from person to person, but one thing is certain: Bill Leonard has set a high standard. Future chroniclers of all things Baptist will do well to consult his works at some point in their journey. The essays in this volume are a testimony to Leonard's call for integrity of thought and deed. They are also a testimony to the effect one person can have on how you see the world around you. Contributors include Randall Balmer, Linda McKinnish Bridges, Edward R. Crowther, Pamela R. Durso, Keith Harper, Andrew Manis, Molly T. Marshall, Robert N. Nash Jr., Meredith Stone, Corey D.B. Walker, and C. Douglas Weaver.
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