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A White Liberal College President in the Jim Crow South: Guy Herbert Wells and the YWCA at Georgia State College for Women, 1934-1953
By author: Sandra E. Godwin   With: Helen Matthews Lewis
Product Code: HH1006
ISBN: 9780881467901
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Price: $35.00
Guy Herbert Wells, president of Georgia State College for (white) Women, learned to manage the tension between holding true to his own values, which more closely resembled those of students in the YWCA, while working for a state system that upheld white supremacy. A 1935 YWCA interracial event became the catalyst for his first lesson on how to manage this tension.

Annie Laura’s Gift
By author: Milinda Jay
Product Code: P618
ISBN: 9780881467789
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $18.00
Based on a true story, beautiful, tenacious Annie Laura Brock, an immigrant in the rural South of the late 1880s fights for her dream: a home in America for herself and her young siblings. She is certain that in America, anything is possible for those who work hard and believe.

Baptists in Early North America–First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Volume VII
Product Code: HH1004
ISBN: 9780881467864
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $60.00
Minutes from the First Baptist Church in Philadelphia show the congregation was from the beginning the mother church for Baptists in the American colonies and early republic. Baptist members of the Pennepack Church had begun meeting in the center city in 1688. They hosted the organizing meeting of the Philadelphia Baptist Association in 1707 and organized formally in 1746. This volume includes minutes from 1757 through 1806, when William Staughton became pastor.

Baptists, Gospel, and Culture: Papers from the Eighth International Conference on Baptist Studies
Product Code: P625
ISBN: 9780881467895
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $40.00
Baptists historically have shared common beliefs, including believer's baptism, congregational governance, and separation of church and state. This book addresses the question of why Baptists differ in various parts of the world. A central component of the answer lies in part in the variety of cultures where Baptists have planted churches. In order to document the diversities, this study has intentionally sought contributions from Baptist scholars across the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and eastern Europe as well as from western Europe and North America where Baptist presence is more common.

Bells for Eli: A Novel
Product Code: P608
ISBN: 9780881467741
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $18.00
First cousins Ellison (Eli) Winfield and Adeline (Delia) Green grow up across the street from one another in Green Branch, South Carolina, in the 1960s and 70s. Susan Beckham Zurenda masterfully transports readers into a small Southern town where quiet, ordinary life becomes extraordinary. In this compelling coming of age story, culture, family, friends, bullies, and lovers propel two young people to unite to guard each other in a world where love, hope, and connectedness ultimately triumph.

Color All Maps New
By author: Jack B. Bedell
Product Code: P617
ISBN: 9780881467772
Availability: In stock
Price: $16.00
In his thirteenth collection of poetry, Jack B. Bedell examines moments of reparation and continuance in the face of loss. By turns personal, ecological, cultural, and fantastic, these poems promise new maps to navigate damaged territories. The rituals of family and South Louisiana culture share space with folklore and history here.

Eavesdropping on the Most Segregated Hour: A City’s Clergy Reflect on Racial Reconciliation
Edited by: Andrew M. Manis   With: Sandy Dwayne Martin
Product Code: P626
ISBN: 9780881467918
Availability: In stock
Price: $24.00
Andrew M. Manis recruited clergy from a broad spectrum of interracial, interreligious, and interdenominational communities of faith in Macon, Georgia, to address their congregations on the perennially controversial theme of racial reconciliation. Acknowledging the truism that eleven o'clock on Sunday morning remains the "most segregated hour" of the week, Manis argues that neither White nor Black congregations are familiar with what the other hears about race on the other side of the color line. Fourteen clergy bring their scriptural interpretations to bear on the longstanding problem of White supremacy in American life and culture.

Fix it in the Mix: A Memoir
By author: Paul Hornsby   With: Michael Buffalo Smith
Product Code: P620
ISBN: 9780881467819
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $20.00
FIX IT IN THE MIX is the memoir of Paul Hornsby, acclaimed record producer and musician best known for his work at Capricorn Records in Macon, Georgia, during the 1970s. After the closing of Capricorn, Hornsby opened his own Muscadine Recording Studio in Macon, where he continues producing music. The book is illustrated with never-before-seen photographs from Hornsby’s private collection.

Freedom and Society: Essays on Autonomy, Identity, and Political Freedom
Product Code: P624
ISBN: 9780881467871
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $35.00
The idea for this volume arose from discussions at the February 2019 annual meeting of the Georgia Philosophical Society held at Mercer University on the theme of "Freedom and Society," and drafts of many of the chapters were first presented there. Including contributions from both early-career and well-known scholars, the chapters are tied together by questions about the nature of political freedom and autonomy in democratic societies and about the ways in which the enactment of democratic freedom depends on awareness of and engagement with freedom's underlying conditions.

Incidents in the Life of Cecilia Lawton: A Memoir of Plantation Life, War, and Reconstruction in Georgia and South Carolina
Edited by: Karen Stokes   Foreword by: James Everett Kibler
Product Code: H996
ISBN: 9780881467659
Availability: In stock
Price: $25.00
Cecilia Lawton's life was changed forever when the bloodiest war in American history began in 1861. The daughter of a wealthy Georgia plantation owner, she was married at the age of sixteen and went to live at her husband's plantation in South Carolina, but a few months later, she found herself fleeing from the army of General William T. Sherman as it ravaged the state. She observed the aftermath of this brutal campaign in Georgia and South Carolina, writing of what she saw in vivid, horrific detail. Told in her own words, this is the true story of Cecilia Lawton, a young woman who faced incredible challenges with determination and courage.

Let Go of the Hands You Hold
By author: Marissa Glover
Product Code: P621
ISBN: 9780881467826
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $17.00
By turns clever, earnest, probing, and mischievous, Marissa Glover's poems take as their subjects the ever-relevant topics of sex, parenthood, loss, illness, and faith, and yet everywhere, in their tone and attitude, speak in the singular voice of a sly and vibrant woman banging up against the absurdities and disappointments of modern life.

Liberty, Democracy, and the Temptations to Tyranny in the Dialogues of Plato
Product Code: P623
ISBN: 9780881467857
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $25.00
In this volume of essays, based on the 2019 A.V. Elliott Conference on Great Books and Ideas at Mercer University, eleven scholars take up some of the complex questions that emerge when one considers carefully how Plato presents democracy and liberty in the dialogues, particularly in terms of the threats they seem to pose to justice and philosophy.

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