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Weathering: Poems and Recollections

By author: David Havird
Product Code: P600
ISBN: 9780881467345
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $20.00

In WEATHERING: POEMS AND RECOLLECTIONS an aging poet greets a "phalanx" of memories and finds himself amid "an epic transmigration of echoes." At the heart of this collection of poetry and prose are three retrospective essays that narrate the adolescent poet's coming of age through encounters with such eminent elders as James Dickey, who was Havird's early mentor, Robert Lowell, and Archibald MacLeish. These prose memoirs also explore this poet's ambivalent relation to his native South and reveal the emergent cosmopolitan stance of his mature poetry. The poems, set mainly outside the South--amid the rubble of ancient Greece, in galleries at the Louvre, on hurricane-pummeled Cayman Brac--ponder mortality and metamorphosis; explore relationships, especially the complex relationships of child to parent and husband to wife; and engage with cultural artifacts--a Byzantine church, a derelict windmill, Puebloan petroglyphs--as well as traditional works of art and literature. These poems of Havird's maturity, together with a clutch of early ones rooted in the aspiring poet's youthful encounters with those elders, are elegant artifacts themselves, at once rueful and wry, thought-ridden and visionary.
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Review by: B.H. Fairchild - December 1, 2019
"What a generous and finely crafted book David Havird’s WEATHERING is, moving from recent work, mostly short narratives, to early poems demonstrating the considerable lyric talent with which he began. In between lie elegant personal essays on poets he knew and who influenced him. The essays are insightful and often deeply revealing, and it is wonderful how they illuminate Havird’s own weathering as a poet and as a man from then until now."
Review by: Willard Spiegelman - December 1, 2019
"What a delight David Havird has given us. His nimble combination of poetry and memoir bears all the signs of a life lived through, with, and for poems, poets, and poetry. It moves deliciously backwards from the present to the past. Sandwiched between recent poems and early ones come heartfelt, informative prose reminiscences of his youthful infatuations and meetings with three poets who helped to form him as a writer: James Dickey, Robert Lowell, and Archibald MacLeish. Havird's latest poems show us the wisdom he has gained from books, travel, culture, history, and nature, and they prove--as if proof were necessary--that the literary life remains a noble achievement, one always making and re-making itself."
Review by: David Yezzi - December 1, 2019
"David Havird's poems have the virtues of a fine 'prose style'--lucidity, drive, passion--that (we are reminded in WEATHERING) Lowell greatly admired. Also in this chimeric omnibus, prose rings like poetry, bringing the past lucently to view. This is an indispensable collection, whose tonic chord is memory--a poet's accounting of what's been weathered.

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