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The Compelling Faces of Jesus

By author: William Powell Tuck
Product Code: P382
ISBN: 9780881461282
Product Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mercer University Press
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Price: $18.00

Jesus is the central figure in the Christian faith. The church has attested with the Apostle Paul that “God was in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:19). The earliest Christian confession was “Jesus is Lord.” Nevertheless, the church has struggled to bring into clear focus an understanding of that phrase. The meaning of the phrase “the more than man,” which the church has declared about Jesus for two millennia has been difficult to understand and has been interpreted in varied ways by biblical scholars, theologians, philosophers, poets, artists, and ordinary persons. This volume is the author’s reflection on his lifelong quest on the question of Christology. In seeking to discern who Jesus is, the author has explored the meaning of the Incarnation, Christ as teacher and healer, and the rejected, crucified, and risen one. Finally he probes the meaning of the Christ as a present reality and how he can still be known. Tuck writes in a nontechnical way to draw the reader into the realization of the importance of personal commitment to Christ if one is to more fully grasp the meaning of Christ’s person and presence. The ink drawings by Israel Galindo invite the reader to probe in a visual manner the rich interpretation of the compelling faces of Jesus.
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