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Of Gods and Men : New Religious Movements in the West

By author: Eileen Barker
Product Code: H087
ISBN: 9780865540958
Product Format: Hardback
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The eighteen papers in this volume were prepared by twenty-five scholars in the field of sociology of religion, from England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Israel, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands. “Patterns of Conversation,” by John Lofland and Norman Skonovd “Second Thoughts on the Presumed Fragility of Unconventional Beliefs,” by David A. Snow and Richard Machalek “The Politics of Religious Movements,” by Carroll J. Bourg “Financing the New Religions,” by James T. Richardson “Pentecostal Power: The Charismatic Renewal Movement and the Politics of Pentecostal Experience,” by Andrew Walker “NRPR: The New Religious/Political Right in America,” by Samuel S. Hill “God’s Plan for America: The Christian New Right in the Battle with Secular Humanism,” bu Paul Anthony Schwartz and James McBride “The Fun-Seeking Movement in California,” by Jean Burfoot “Esoteric New Religious Movements in the Western Esoteric Tradition,” by Geoffrey Ahern “A Comparison of Anti-Cult Movements in the United States and West Germany,” by Anson D. Shupe, Bert L. Hardin, and David G. Bromley “The Cult Problem in Five Countries,” by James A. Beckford “Participation Rate in New Religious and Parareligious Movements,” by Frederick Bird and William Reimer “Strategies for Survival: Sectarian Experience in the Third Reich,” by Christine E. King “New Religious Movements and Mental Health,” by Wolfgang Kuner “Making the World Work: Ideas of Social Responsibility in the Human Potential Movement,” by Stephen Tipton “Recruitment to Hare Krishna,” by E. Burke Rochford, Jr. “Subgroups in Divine Light Mission Membership,” by Frans Derks and Jan M. Van der Lans “The Ones Who Got Away: People Who Attend Unification Church Workshops and Do Not Become Members,” by Eileen Barker
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