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Mary Bohlen's Heritage Cooking Inspired by Rebecca Boone

By author: Mary Bohlen
Product Code: P603
ISBN: 9780881467383
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $23.00

Rebecca Bryan Boone often falls into the shadow of her legendary husband Daniel Boone. Growing up on the frontier Rebecca knew how to shoot game, plow a field, keep a garden, and weave linen for her family. A woman's work in the backcountry was never-ending. When Daniel made his long treks, leaving the family farm to the care of Rebecca for months at a time, survival depended on her skills, resourcefulness, her own labor and that of the older children. An extraordinary feat by today's standards and yet typical for women of her time. While cooking over the campfire or at the hearth of a log cabin home, Mary Bohlen weaves together early American history, her memoirs of cooking at historic sites, more than 90 authentic colonial recipes, and instructions for today's cook to reproduce the foodways early Americans would recognize. MARY BOHLEN'S HERITAGE COOKING INSPIRED BY REBECCA BOONE gathers today's cooks and readers to the homes and dinner tables of their American ancestors.
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