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Life Lessons

By author: Don Reid
Product Code: HH1007
ISBN: 9780881467963
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $25.00

LIFE LESSONS covers topics of the heart and mind, often with related stories from the Scriptures. Ninety concise and to-the-point chapters speak to everyday topics we all may experience on any given day from dawn to bedtime. Don Reid has taught a Sunday school class in his home church in Staunton, Virginia, for over three decades. In March of 2020, when the Covid pandemic began closing churches and keeping congregations close to home, he improvised an email lesson and sent it to each member of his Friendship Class on Saturday nights. From these weekly messages, this book was born and developed. You'll read topics such as "Passing It On," "Homesick," "The Left-Handed Judge," and "Does God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl?" There are stories that will transport you back to your youth and then bring you back to the present with a jolt or two of truth. The chapters cover feelings and insights from both secular and Biblical standpoints and often offer a humorous touch to subjects we all enjoy. Reid interjects stories and people from his life throughout these narratives and makes it an enlightening, yet fun book that will make great discussion for any class or book club or family gathering. Whether it is "Remembering Dad" or "Just Like Oscar and Felix" or "It Was Palm Sunday in Syracuse," you'll find your favorite chapters and read them over and over again.
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