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Kierkegaard on Woman, Gender, and Love

By author: Sylvia Walsh
Product Code: P652
ISBN: 9780881468618
Publisher: Mercer Universtiy Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00

This collection of essays on Kierkegaard consists of various articles published in academic journals over the course of several decades. They address dominant and consistent themes in Kierkegaard's authorship, demonstrating the importance of these topics for understanding his authorship as a whole and for contemporary discussions of these issues. In particular, these articles seek to bring his thought into conversation with woman and gender studies in contemporary feminist philosophy and hermeneutics as well as other forms of interpretation. Many of the essays appeared in the International Kierkegaard Commentary edited by fellow Kierkegaard scholar, Robert L. Perkins, and it is in his memory that they are dedicated.
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