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Truth Is Subjectivity: Kierkegaard and Political Theology

Edited by: Sylvia Walsh PerkinsForeword by: Sheridan Hough
Product Code: P595
ISBN: 9780881467291
Publisher: Mercer University Press
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Price: $25.00

The essays and response that make up this volume were originally presented at a Symposium in Honor of Robert L. Perkins at the annual meeting of the Søren Kierkegaard Society in 2018. Since Kierkegaard's social and political thought was a major concern of Perkins' scholarship, the topic chosen for the symposium was Kierkegaard's political theology, which generated so much interest and discussion among the speakers and audience that it was generally agreed that the essays of the symposium should be published. These essays address Kierkegaard's political theology from a variety of perspectives, focusing on his specific views of the political and its implications for the expression of Christian love in the context of civil society in Kierkegaard's time as well as in contemporary society in America. Robert L. Perkins (1930-2018) was senior research professor in Philosophy at Stetson University, general editor of the 24-volume International Kierkegaard Commentary published by Mercer University Press, and the author of many articles on Kierkegaard's political thought. Contributors include: John J. Davenport, Marilyn G. Piety, C. Stephen Evans, George Pattison, Lee C. Barrett, and Christopher A. P. Nelson.
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