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Symbol and Existence: A Study in Meaning: Explorations of Human Nature
Product Code: H975
ISBN: 9780881467086
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Price: $29.00
SYMBOL AND EXISTENCE will prove fascinating to Walker Percy scholars and fans who wish to decipher Percy’s authentic philosophical stance. Percy, an existentialist Catholic at his core, was also a scientist seeking an objective paradigm to portray his views. SYMBOL AND EXISTENCE demonstrates that Percy was quite methodical and logical in his thought and provides an entirely new perspective on his scholarship. Much of this book is unique and has never been published before; however, some sections were revised and published as isolated journal articles or book chapters, never presented as the unified whole that Percy intended. The orderly unity of Percy’s work has not previously been accessible to scholars and fans.

Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood
By author: Stephen Davis
Product Code: H980
ISBN: 9780881467208
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $35.00
In this work, the first of two volumes, Hood's rise in rank is chronicled. In three years, 1861-1864, Hood rose from lieutenant to full general in the Confederate army. Davis emphasizes Hood's fatal flaw: ambition. Hood constantly sought promotion, even after he had found his highest level of competence as division commander in Robert E. Lee’s army. As corps commander in the Army of Tennessee, his performance was good, but no better. Promoted to succeed Johnston, Hood did his utmost to defend Atlanta against Sherman. In this latter effort he failed. But he had won his spurs, even if he had been denied greatness as a general.

The Depths of Life: Paul Tillich’s Understanding of God
By author: Duane Olson
Product Code: P594
ISBN: 9780881467260
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $25.00
Throughout his work, Paul Tillich critiqued the traditional monotheistic idea of God as a being alongside the world with definable properties, and he sought to replace this idea of God and the God-world relationship with another one. He regarded this replacement as vital for establishing a believable Christian theology, a relevant philosophy of religion, and a mutually beneficial understanding of the relationship between religion and contemporary culture. In this work of philosophy of religion geared to the non-expert, Olson explains Tillich's idea of God and the God-world relationship, showing how, for Tillich, God is both infused throughout the world and transcendent of it.

The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes
By author: William Rawlings
Product Code: P587
ISBN: 9780881467130
Availability: In stock
Price: $18.00
John Wesley O'Toole, a disbarred former attorney, is trying to make a new start in life as an art dealer in Savannah, Georgia, after his release from prison. He is struggling financially when he is approached by a prominent wealthy businessman and offered a significant sum to help recover a painting that’s been stolen by the man's estranged granddaughter, Lucy. It’s an offer O'Toole can’t afford to refuse, and seemingly his one chance to avoid losing everything he’s worked for. With the help of Jenna, O'Toole’s friend and sometimes lover, he sets out to find the missing painting, and with it, the missing granddaughter.

The Kierkegaard-Girard Option
Product Code: P592
ISBN: 9780881467246
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $30.00
In an age of sharply increasing cultural polarization that has led many people to consider retreat into enclaves of the like-minded, this book seeks to persuade its readers that we need better quality conversations across ideological camps, and that the writings of Søren Kierkegaard and René Girard provide very effective tools for facilitating such conversations. The writings of Kenneth Burke are also drawn on, as an important bridge figure who influenced Girard. All three thinkers can lead us to careful reflections on the psychological and social roots of violent behavior, which is a crucially important topic in need of deeper and broader understanding.

The Ragin' Cajun: Memoir of a Louisiana Man
By author: Doug Kersahw   With: Cathie Pelletier
Product Code: H978
ISBN: 9780881467161
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $29.00
Doug Kershaw's musical career as a fiddler, songwriter, and singer has spanned more than seventy years. Born on a houseboat tied to a cypress tree in the swamps of Southwest Louisiana, his family followed the fishing up and down the Mermantau River. Alligators and snakes lurked beneath the waters. Alcoholism and violence lurked above. The fais do-dos, those popular houseboat dances, were the only escape from a harsh way of life. Until the Kershaws were forced to move into town following a family tragedy, Kershaw spoke only Cajun-French. He got his first pair of shoes when he was eight years old, the same year he began supporting his mother by playing fiddle and shining shoes. Throughout his career, he has mastered twenty-eight instruments. Because of his signature style of music-making and entertaining, Kershaw is considered by many to be a consummate performer and storyteller.

The Road Goes on Forever: Fifty Years of The Allman Brothers Band Music (1969–2019)
By author: Michael Buffalo Smith   Foreword by: Chuck Leavell
Product Code: P586
ISBN: 9780881467123
Availability: In stock
Price: $24.00
THE ROAD GOES ON FOREVER utilizes history, personal interviews, and many collected documents to aid in the telling of the story of the humble beginnings and career of the original Southern rock band on this, the 50th anniversary of their formation. More than just a history of the greatest Southern band of all time, THE ROAD GOES ON FOREVER is a reference manual for fans of the band--a book filled with ramblin' men, blue skies, Georgia peaches, and great music. Chuck Leavell, former band member and current Rolling Stones band leader, provides the foreword.

Truth Is Subjectivity: Kierkegaard and Political Theology
Edited by: Sylvia Walsh Perkins   Foreword by: Sheridan Hough
Product Code: P595
ISBN: 9780881467291
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $25.00
The essays and response that make up this volume were originally presented at a Symposium in Honor of Robert L. Perkins at the annual meeting of the Søren Kierkegaard Society in 2018. These essays address Kierkegaard's political theology from a variety of perspectives, focusing on his specific views of the political and its implications for the expression of Christian love in the context of civil society in Kierkegaard's time as well as in contemporary society in America. Contributors include: John J. Davenport, Marilyn G. Piety, C. Stephen Evans, George Pattison, Lee C. Barrett, and Christopher A. P. Nelson.

While There Were Still Wild Birds: A Personal History of Southern Quail Hunting
Product Code: P596
ISBN: 9780881467307
Availability: In stock
Price: $20.00
WHILE THERE WERE STILL WILD BIRDS is a personal history of Southern quail hunting as it was lived at three different South Carolina quail hunting clubs and by related dog trainers, hunting guides, and hunters. The author’s father, Richard E. Rankin, Sr., belonged to the first hunting club in Kline, South Carolina, and was a founding partner in the second hunting club, the Quail Roost Hunt Club, outside Manning, South Carolina. The third club featured was the Foreston Hunt Club, an adjoining neighbor of the Quail Roost Hunt Club. As both a family member, hunt club partner, and historian, Richard E. Rankin, Jr. tells this story as both a participant and as an objective observer.

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