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Like a Great Feudal Landlord: How Architecture and Slavery Created the World of the Upcountry Planter
Product Code: HH1017
ISBN: 9780881468229
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $40.00
The Southern Greek Revival plantation house is one which has drawn attention in history and fiction. Yet, the symbolism and meaning of these homes is often overlooked. Greek Revival architecture had a particular appeal to many Upcountry planters as it represented a renewal of the ideals embodied by the ancient Greeks, who firmly adhered to a division of society as well as the need for and use of slavery. Additionally, the Upcountry cotton planter of the nineteenth century sought to differentiate himself from the planters of the previous generation, who used the Federal style of architecture. With the prosperity generated from cotton, the Upcountry planters from Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina saw in their Greek Revival plantation house a lasting legacy to their power and societal status. The muted voices of the slaves who enabled the planters to live in these homes are articulated here, as well as the exploration of the dramatic changes brought about by the Civil War.

Paper, Scissors, Rock-n-Roll: Ringo, Duane, & Me
By author: Bill Thames
Product Code: P644
ISBN: 9780881468458
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $28.00
This memoir encompasses a period from 1964 through November of 1969, before The Allman Brothers Band skyrocketed into nationwide prominence, when author Bill Thames was a budding teenage musician in Daytona Beach, Florida. Each chapter is based on never-before-heard stories of Duane and Gregg Allman, plus Ringo, the influential manager of The Martinque club, as well as others.

Piano Days: A Novel
By author: Don Reid
Product Code: HH1023
ISBN: 9780881468403
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $25.00
PIANO DAYS is the story of three boys growing up in the late 1950s and early 1960s in a small town doing the things young boys do; playing softball for the local church team, discovering girls, going to the record hop at the National Guard Armory on Saturday nights, and learning to drive while learning a little bit about life along the way. The townspeople impact the boys in various ways during their childhood and influence who they become as young adults.

Samuel Elbert and the Age of Revolution in Georgia, 1740-1788
By author: Clay Ouzts
Product Code: HH1027
ISBN: 9780881468588
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $45.00
Brigadier General Samuel Elbert's story spans most of Georgia's history in the eighteenth century. He is best remembered for his role as a commander of Georgia troops during the American Revolution. Before the war, he was a prominent Savannah merchant and a member of the General Assembly when James Wright was Georgia's governor.

Sudden Death: A Novel
Product Code: HH1026
ISBN: 9780881468502
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $27.00
SUDDEN DEATH is a murder mystery set in the world of football. More than a whodunit, the novel spans roughly thirty years from 1966 to 1997 in the life of one couple, Duke and Kendall Astin. But when the murder occurs, the story becomes a search for joy and goodness in life, and ultimately the triumph of the human spirit over unspeakable odds. Written by a woman who has spent her entire life married to a football player and coach, SUDDEN DEATH also explores serious themes of sports gambling, alcoholism, and spousal abuse within the varied cast of characters.

Tell It True: A Novel
By author: John Pruitt
Product Code: HH1025
ISBN: 9780881468472
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $27.00
An African American serviceman is gunned down on a rural Georgia road in July 1964. This shocking murder ensnares a wide range of characters including the journalists who cover it, the lawmen who must solve it, the civil rights leaders who capitalize upon it, the politicians who exploit it, and the Atlanta magnate who fears its impact on the New South image he desperately wants to protect.

The Columbus Stocking Strangler
By author: William Rawlings
Product Code: HH1024
ISBN: 9780881468427
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $35.00
During an eight-month period in 1977 and 1978, the city of Columbus, Georgia, was terrorized by a mysterious serial killer who raped and ritualistically strangled seven elderly women in one of the community’s finer neighborhoods.

The Evangelist: Poems
By author: David Armand
Product Code: P649
ISBN: 9780881468557
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $18.00
THE EVANGELIST contains poems that are at once deceptively simple, clear, and colloquial, yet dense with meaning and universal significance. Drawing upon everyday incidents, Armand fashions poems of great lyrical beauty and potent symbolism that remind his readers of the importance of memory and of a shared language.

The Gospel of Rot: A Novel
By author: Gregory Ariail
Product Code: P646
ISBN: 9780881468489
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $20.00
At the age of seventy-one, the recluse Amelia finally leaves her home in the North Carolina mountains to find the world grown strange and almost deserted. In her quest to unravel the mysteries of this apocalyptic landscape, she encounters a neighbor turned into an apple tree, children trapped in mica, and her doppelgänger. THE GOSPEL OF ROT is a creative intervention into the Appalachian imaginary, steeped in the Southern gothic. It explores lesser-known, idiosyncratic, and historically taboo subjects: Biblical apocrypha, heterodoxy, mysticism, queerness, Cherokee lore, and the weird and the fantastic. It strives to upend and complicate any static conception of the Appalachian experience

he Wild and the Sacred: Evaluating and Protecting the Ocmulgee River Corridor
By author: Chris Watson   Edited by: S. Heather Duncan
Product Code: P653
ISBN: 9780881468632
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $16.00
Chris Watson began developing a tool for mapping wildness across the Georgia landscape, but as work progressed, the study's conception of the region's significance expanded beyond ecology: the floodplain's value is immeasurable to the Muscogee Indians.

Where You Come from Is Gone: Poems
By author: Annie Woodford
Product Code: P648
ISBN: 9780881468540
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $17.00
WHERE YOU COME FROM IS GONE examines the economic and racial violence of rural America, where whiteness is a fraught and often dysfunctional identity. It is a poetic attempt at a "blues line" or a bluegrass "breakdown" to embody a lush, dangerous, and often damaged American landscape as well as the resilience of the human spirit in the face of blunt labor and white supremacy.

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