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Christianity: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Guide for Students, Revised and Expanded

By author: Kathryn M. Lopez, Jennifer Garcia Bashaw, Thomas P. Dixon, W. Glenn Jonas Jr., Adam C. English, Ryan Andrew Newson
Product Code: P627
ISBN: 9780881468113
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00

Weaving together input from six experts in the fields of Bible, Church History, and Theology, CHRISTIANITY introduces learners to the practices, traditions, beliefs, and scriptures of the Christian faith. This expanded and updated edition tells Christianity's growth from humble origins to becoming the world's largest religion. New material appears on a variety of topics, such as church architecture, vestments, church offices, apocalyptic literature, the Gospels, Roman citizenship, and the life of Paul. This edition distills the most current research in an accessible style and user-friendly format, and improves on the previous edition by highlighting and defining key terms, adding breakout boxes, and rewriting all major sections with a focus on clarity and up-to-date information. Complete with a new introduction and conclusion, CHRISTIANITY offers a fresh, crisp, and concise survey of a faith held dear by more than two billion people across the globe.
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