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Beyond the Impasse : The Promise of a Process Hermeneutic

By author: Farmer
Product Code: P126
ISBN: 9780865545588
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $35.00

Contemporary biblical scholarship has reached an impasse. The various programs for bridging the gap between the ancient texts and their contemporary theological and ethical appropriation are often unsatisfactory at best and at worst even suspect in their results. We need an effective way to cross that bridge…or a new bridge. Ronald Farmer suggests that a “process hermeneutic” holds promise of moving biblical interpretation beyond the current impasse. This is the first comprehensive introduction to a process hermeneutic. It is not, however, merely theoretical discussion, but moves from the side of biblical scholarship to develop a solid methodology for bridging the gap between text and life. Farmer applies his process hermeneutic to a difficult text-Revelation 4-5-and demonstrates this promising method in a piece of solid, responsible, and instructive interpretation. Ronald L. Farmer brings together a broad and discerning competence in the field of hermeneutics and a thorough grasp of the “constructive postmodern” perspective of process philosophy. [The result] is a rich book which provides a thorough and perceptive introduction to hermeneutics from a process perspective. --William A. Beardslee
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