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Why Tillich? Why Now?

Edited by: Thomas G. Bandy
Product Code: P635
ISBN: 9780881468106
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00

Paul Tillich's ideas and methods continue to inspire and guide students, teachers, and professionals in all fields. He crosses boundaries between the academy and the community, religions and spiritualities, cultures and societies, taking leaders deeper and further than they ever imagined. Tillich is a master of conversation. His thought bridges social polarizations, program silos, and educational specialization. His ideas cannot be contained in a closed system. They explore Christian faith but are not limited to Christian religion. His methodology has the power to engage other philosophies of life, religions and spiritualities, scientific research, culture shifts, and lifestyle diversity critically and appreciatively. Tillich is also a master of confrontation. His thought challenges political structures, racial and gender inequalities, and social injustice. He is an acute observer of social change and struggles courageously with moral quandaries. He inspires action for today and hope for tomorrow. Each essay explores another facet of Tillich's influence in education, religion, popular culture, science, health, social reform, and political action. They are chosen to be "snapshots" of his ongoing influence, accessible to both undergraduate and graduate students, and relevant to corporate and non-profit leaders alike. Reading this book will open your eyes to discern Tillich's hidden presence in academic curricula, contemporary research, political speeches and social policies, entertainment and internet, books and podcasts, and social media. Tillich can be your intellectual companion in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue.
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