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Warm and Zealous Spirit, A: John J. Zubly and the American Revolution, A Selection of His Writings

Compiled by: Randall M. MillerBy author: Zubly, John J.
Product Code: H029
ISBN: 9780865540286
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00

Perhaps more than anyone else, John Joachim Zubly (1724–1781), a Swiss-born Reformed minister, provided the intellectual and constitutional rationale for Georgia’s participation in the American Revolution. He was Georgia’s political pamphleteer in an era when pamphleteers were popular and influential. This collection of Zubly’s important writings provides unique insight into the thoughts and emotions of the time and fills a real gap in the history of the American Revolution. This is the first detailed study of a Southern political writer of the Revolutionary era, and as such is of central importance to the student of Southern history. Professor Miller’s interpretive introduction to the times and the man is by itself worth the price of the book. Randall M. Miller is Professor of History at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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