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The Seventh Mirror

By author: Terry Kay, Terry Kay
Product Code: H874
ISBN: 9780881464528
Product Format: Hardback
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $16.00

Like his father and grandfather before him, Fergus Greybar the Fourth travels the countryside in a wagon of carnival mirrors, pulled by two magnificent white horses named Look and See. As the Mirror Man, he is welcomed everywhere by children who find delight in seeing themselves take on strange and funny shapes when looking into the six mirrors that line the inside of his wagon. But there is another mirror, one of great magic—the Seventh Mirror. In it, children see themselves not as they are, but as they wish to be. It is the magic of the Seventh Mirror that the Mirror Man uses to return a young runaway girl named Sarah to her village of Whistletown. There, a frantic and comic search for her is taking place, involving everyone from the mayor and the police chief and the town poet to a cunning seasick pirate named Jake the Hunter and his fierce-looking dog Sniffer. They all play a major role in Sarah’s revealing discovery of the meaning of home. But Sarah is not the only person to find herself in the hidden magic of the Seventh Mirror. So does the Mirror Man. This book is available in e-book format from or
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