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The Sermon On The Mount: The Modern Quest for its Meaning

By author: Bauman
Product Code: P091
ISBN: 9780865541139
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $35.00

For a quarter of a century Clarence Bauman has pursued the modern meaning of the Sermon on the Mount, for himself and for us. His quest begins with the enigmatic Count Leo Tolstoy “because it is through him that the Sermon on the Mount first becomes a problem to the modern conscience.” Tolstoy's radical vision-that “Christ meant exactly what he said”-launched an armada of critics and scholars on the hermeneutical seas to explore the Sermon on the Mount. Their end is not yet. Professor Bauman chronicles their voyages with sympathy and a sharp eye. The Sermon on the Mount, Professor Bauman concludes, “has always been an embarrassment to the Church.” Modern attempts “to restrict the scope of its meaning, to qualify the sense of its validity, and to limit the context of its relevance” are fully documented in this book with courage and integrity. But so are the breadth and depth of the requirements of Jesus, seen in the setting of Judaism and the ancient world.
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