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The New Testament Age : Essays in Honor of Bo Reicke

By author: Weinreich
Product Code: H089
ISBN: 9780865540972
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

Rarely in the history of New Testament studies have so many illustrious scholars offered tribute to the work of one man. Indeed, as editor William C. Weinrich writes in his introduction, “Professor Bo Reicke exemplifies the scholarly excellence and Christian charity which co inhere in one who rightly claims the title of doctor theologiae.” In two volumes, 43 scholars of international reputation have dedicated seminal essays to Professor Reicke in testimony to a lifetime of public genius and personal generosity. The contributions to this Festschrift transcend the boundaries of nationality, language, creed, and discipline. These essays treat not only the New Testament text but also its background and influence in the intertestamental literature, in the scrolls of Qumran, and in the history of early Christianity and the Hellenistic world. All of these efforts owe much to the labor of Bo Reicke as scholar and teacher; they are mirrored in Professor Reicke's extensive bibliography at the end of volume 2.
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