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The Forever Wish of Middy Sweet: A Novel

By author: Terry KayAfterword by: Jeff Fields
Product Code: H991
ISBN: 9780881467536
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $24.00

Middy Sweet Young, a wealthy widow, returns to her hometown in Northeast Georgia in search of her youth, lured by a dreamy wish shared with Luke Mercer, her high school boyfriend: "One day we’ll be together…" THE FOREVER WISH OF MIDDY SWEET is the story of that prophecy--the former beauty queen and the retired history teacher reuniting fifty years after her vow. It is a prophecy that will haunt Luke. A widower, he has settled comfortably in Creel as a father and grandfather, as a friend to such people as the barber Roy Kennedy, as a surprising and unlikely football legend, as the local historian, as a dedicated volunteer for the library. In a small town where core values have remained relatively unchanged, Luke is the model citizen--quiet, reflective, patient, caring--yet Middy's sudden and unexpected appearance in his life brings with it uncertainty and confusion. He does not know her life has been that of an oppressed trophy wife to a controlling lawyer, or that she has chosen him to be her guide to re-live hallowed memories of youth. He does not know she would share with him unsettling experiences, from her mother's alcoholism to her husband's cruelty. He does not know that hidden in the exuberance of her return to Creel is the destiny of a fragile reality. And he does not know he will be drawn back into his own memories--boyhood, college, his life spent with is late wife, Hannah. For Luke, Middy's search becomes his discovery, leaving him to wonder if she had been right: What might have been is a haunting of the imagination.
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Review by: Jeff Fields, author of A CRY OF ANGELS and other works - May 15, 2020
I got to read Terry Kay’s latest creation, THE FOREVER WISH OF MIDDY SWEET, while it was still warm on the pages, before it would flow into other people’s hearts. It’s a different kind of love story, one ticking with suspense that ends with a poetic universality you won’t anticipate and will never forget. And one written from the heart.
Review by: Frank Smith, author of DREAM SINGER - May 15, 2020
Terry Kay is a consummate storyteller with a poet’s voice. THE FOREVER WISH OF MIDDY SWEET resonates with the ache and the wonder of TO DANCE WITH THE WHITE DOG, Kay’s beloved classic that is read the world over. The story of Luke Mercer and Middy Sweet, two high school sweethearts whose lives diverge after graduation, is made luminous by a forever wish that comes true in unexpected ways fifty years on.
Review by: Rona Simmons, author of THE OTHER VETERANS OF WORLD WAR II - May 15, 2020
Once again, Terry Kay delivers. In THE FOREVER WISH OF MIDDY SWEET, Kay exquisitely crafts two unforgettable characters, the once inseparable Middy Sweet and Luke Mercer, and sends them on two very different life journeys, then reunites them after fifty years and lets their poignant story unfold. It’s a story only Terry Kay can tell, with so rich a voice and deft a hand the line blurs between past and present, joy and sorrow, truth and "fancy."
Review by: Jackie Rod, author of GEORGIA STORIES ON MY MIND - May 15, 2020
In THE FOREVER WISH OF MIDDY SWEET, Middy Sweet reigns as the Forever Queen of two worlds--the hometown of her youth and as the trophy wife of a wealthy businessman. Upon his death, Middy returns to her hometown in search of her youth and her one true love, Luke Mercer. Yet a question looms: Will she find what her soul needs in the place she forever calls home?

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