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The Father of Modern Landmarkism: The Life of Ben M. Bogard

By author: J. Kristian Pratt
Product Code: H869
ISBN: 9780881464344
Product Format: Hardback
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00

Ben M. Bogard was the preeminent leader of Landmark Baptists during the first half of the twentieth century. He was the personification of polemics, engaging the political, cultural, and religious issues of his day. Whether he was debating Aimee Semple McPherson, accusing J. Frank Norris of failing to preach the fundamentals of the faith, campaigning to outlaw the teaching of evolution, or condemning the ecumenical movement, Bogard never ceased defining and defending his understanding of the true Christian faith. Through his roles as pastor, newspaper editor, and denominational leader, Bogard helped create sustaining organizations that met the needs of local congregations without violating the key Landmark Baptist principle of congregational independence. In the 1903 “Bogard Schism,” he led Arkansas Landmark Baptists to withdraw from the state convention and form their own association. He helped organize Landmark Baptists on the national level beginning in 1905, culminating in the 1925 formation of the American Baptist Association. In leading Landmark Baptists to organize a denominational structure, Bogard became a catalyst in schisms within the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention, and even the American Baptist Association. This book, the first scholarly biography of one of the most important Baptists in twentieth-century America, traces Bogard’s life as he rose to prominence, organized Landmark Baptists, created a seminary and publishing enterprise, and became the father of the modern Landmark Baptist movement.
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