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The Damnedest Set of Fellows: A History of Georgia's Cherokee Artillery

By author: Garry D. Fisher, Zack C. Waters
Product Code: H983
ISBN: 9780881467390
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00

THE DAMNEDEST SET OF FELLOWS tells the story of one of the finest artillery batteries in the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Fighting in almost every major battle in the war's Western Theater, their first baptism of fire occurred at Tazewell, in East Tennessee. Later, they battled at Champion Hill in the Vicksburg Campaign, at Missionary Ridge and Tunnel Hill near Chattanooga, and throughout the Atlanta Campaign. Later, they fought upon the snowy fields of Nashville, and finally at Salisbury, North Carolina, where they manned their guns despite having no infantry support. Known for their passionate individualism, disdain for army regulations, and their fighting spirit, their battalion commander later wrote: "Every man…thinks himself as good as a brigadier general…and don't mind telling you if the occasion offers." Once, following the Vicksburg campaign, they even defied a direct order from Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The crucible of war molded the men of the Cherokee Artillery into a true brotherhood. Their annual post-war reunions further strengthened that bond. As a Rebel veteran observed: "It is said with truth that war will bring out the [true] character of a man quicker than anything else. We were fortunate in finding so many good, true men as we had with us...and feel bound to them as with ties of blood." THE DAMNEDEST SET OF FELLOWS tells the tragic, heroic, story of that true "band of brothers."
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