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The Cassville Affairs: Johnston, Hood, and the Failed Confederate Strategy in the Atlanta Campaign, 19 May 1864

By author: Robert D. Jenkins Sr.
Product Code: HH1044
ISBN: 9780881469318
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $39.00

Civil War historians have remained baffled over the Cassville controversies for the past 150 plus years. There are two versions of events: Confederate commanding General Joseph E. Johnston's story, and Lieutenant General John Bell Hood's story. But Federal General William T. Sherman had other plans, and it was Confederates who would be "surprised" instead. THE CASSVILLE AFFAIRS, there were two of them, because there were two critical decisions that the Confederate leadership faced at Cassville: first, whether to attack a portion of the Federal army in the morning; and second, once the morning attack was no longer feasible, whether to stay and fight the next day. Both decisions were the responsibility of Johnston, and both decisions involved the advice and assistance by Hood. Johnston issued a General Order to all soldiers that morning proclaiming that the army had fallen back enough and would now turn and face the enemy. After a series of unforeseen circumstances, however, the Southern commander withdrew without a fight. Before the war even concluded, Johnston and Hood began finger-pointing as they wrote their own versions of what happened that day. Since then, historians have been scratching their heads as to who was telling the truth, or if either one was honest. THE CASSVILLE AFFAIRS promises to change our understanding of the events surrounding the Cassville controversies and close the gap in its history. Replete with both period and modern-day color maps, THE CASSVILLE AFFAIRS will be a vital book in the annals of the Atlanta Campaign.
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