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The Brothers of Bragg Jam: A Mother's Memoir

By author: Julie Wallace Bragg
Product Code: P566
ISBN: 9780881466584
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $18.00

Julie and Jim Bragg were grief-stricken when the sheriff and chaplain left--their sons Brax and Taylor, homebound on a July road trip, had been killed on a Texas highway. They asked God to send helpers if they were meant to survive this tragedy. Within the hour, as family gathered, baffling events occurred. A young stranger, clothed in white, visible only to Julie, walked slow circles in the yard. A new vase of lilies was on the piano, though no one had placed it there. Three weeks later, friends presented a memorial concert, calling it Bragg Jam, and the brothers' legacy was born. Soon afterward, their sister Anne phoned her mother to say she was with a client who claimed to hear her brothers' voices repeating, "Talk to my mama!" Caution melted with Julie's first compelling exchange with this woman, who later visited the Bragg home to channel spirits--not only of sons, but of ancestors who spoke of gifts and solutions to earlier mysteries. Olivia's readings required decoding, but each hopeful message proved that spirits carry loving, surprising memories into the afterlife with them--this was profoundly comforting. The Braggs realized that by getting on with their sadly changed lives, the family would honor their sons and eventually survive grief. Julie began recording memories and resumed her home-based swim school. The family created a labyrinth sanctuary. As the years passed, three grandbabies were welcomed into the family--two as namesakes for Taylor and Brax. Bragg Jam became a huge regional festival.
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Review by: Rosemary Daniell, author, FATAL FLOWERS and seven other books of poetry - January 1, 2018
What happens when a happy, prosperous family experiences a tragedy beyond their wildest imaginings? In her memoir, THE BROTHERS OF BRAGG JAM, Julie Bragg makes a journey on which none would voluntarily embark; one which embodies a parent’s worst nightmares. When she loses her two beloved sons in an instant, Bragg begins a spiritual journey that will call forth every ounce of her considerable resilience, and an openness to new experiences--even supernatural ones--as she seeks to keep her dead boys close to her. Invoking maternal love at its deepest and most tender, Bragg’s beautifully told story is one that will inspire every reader and which none will put down without tears of appreciation and empathy. Indeed, THE BROTHERS OF BRAGG JAM is destined to become a classic among inspirational books, and one her readers will turn to again and again.
Review by: Larry Walker, writer, lawyer, and politican - January 1, 2018
They loved them most who knew them best. Poignant, sad, and uplifting--a must read.

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