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Tales from Georgia's Gnat Line

By author: Larry Walker
Product Code: H973
ISBN: 9780881466980
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $27.00

TALES FROM GEORGIA'S GNAT LINE is about the South---the Deep South; Larry Walker’s part of the world. It’s about good people, and some not so good. It’s about a part of the United States that was, and is, somewhat different from the rest. And it’s about cotton, because in many ways cotton caused Southerners to do some of the things that otherwise good people would not have done. It’s never been easy to be a Southerner, black or white. But it’s worth holding on to, and we must. Walker promises to do his part. He uses “y’all” and does it often. It’s not just the way he speaks, but the way he thinks, y’all means everyone. Yes, the road is long and narrow. It’s wider down in the South than it used to be, and it is getting wider all the time, but there have been recent problems which will need to be addressed. We can’t afford to fight the Civil War again--either here in the South or elsewhere in this country. This book is about the South of the past, the present, and, if read carefully, of the future.
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Review by: Gary Black, commissioner, Georgia Department of Agriculture - January 15, 2019
TALES FROM GEORGIA'S GNAT LINE is "right on time" for this generation. Wisdom and humor from this gifted Georgia statesman leap off each page. Thank you Larry Walker.
Review by: Dink NeSmith, president, Community Newspapers, Inc. - January 15, 2019
Larry Walker has spent 77 years on the Gnat Line…he excels as a listener, and delights you with his endless trove of stories. His recall, humor, and drawl are priceless. He’s as down-home as a plate of your grandma’s cathead biscuits. Read his book, and you will understand.
Review by: Jim Minter, journalist and former editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution - January 15, 2019
A lawyer by profession and a devout Southerner by confession, Larry Walker has forged a varied career including a successful law practice in his hometown of Perry, Georgia, to legislating under the Gold Dome in Atlanta to writing a newspaper column to a love of field and stream. His extra-ordinary understanding and appreciation for people and place gained along the journey was evident in Life on the Gnat Line, his first book. Tales from Georgia’s Gnat Line moves him to the next level in the company of Southern writers.
Review by: Nathan Deal, 82nd Governor of Georgia - January 15, 2019
Larry Walker and I have known each other for several decades, as farm boys from Middle Georgia, small town lawyers, and as elected members of the Georgia General Assembly. Larry’s exceptional intellect and effective leadership style are often disguised behind his courteous “Southern Gentleman” manners. Tales from Georgia’s Gnat Line reflects his keen observational skills coupled with a comfortable writing style emblematic of great Southern writers. His sense of humor and his compassion for his fellow travelers has been captured in his many writings contained in this book. Larry Walker is my friend and a true “Georgia Treasure.”

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