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No Greater Monster nor Miracle than Myself: The Political Philosophy of Michel de Montaigne

Edited by: Charlotte C. S. Thomas, Charlotte C. S. Thomas
Product Code: P487
ISBN: 9780881464856
Product Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $24.00

Michel de Montaigne begins his magisterial ESSAIS by telling his readers that he, himself, is the matter of his book. He says that he has written himself so that after death he could remain in the world with those who knew and loved him. Montaigne’s intimate project, meant to be read by friends, has emerged as one of the most surprising and compelling accounts of the human condition ever written. Although Montaigne famously retired from public life to write his essais, neither his concerns nor the activities recounted in Essais is purely private. Montaigne is engaged in his world as a philosopher, but also as a citizen and a propertied gentleman; so, his wisdom turns outward as well as inward. This volume of essays, based on papers presented at The A.V. Elliott Conference for Great Books and Ideas sponsored by Mercer University’s McDonald Center for America’s Founding Principles, focuses on the outward oriented political philosophy of Montaigne, which is informed by his probing introspection and thoroughly unsentimental self-observation. Contributors include Ann Hartle, Daniel Cullen, Christine Henderson, Eduardo Velasquez, Kevin Honeycutt, and Christopher Edelman.
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