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Nature, Law, and the Sacred: Essays in Honor of Ronna Burger

Edited by: Evanthia Speliotis
Product Code: H989
ISBN: 9780881467116
Publisher: Mercer University Press
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Price: $45.00

This collection of essays, presented in honor of Ronna Burger, addresses questions and themes that have animated her thinking, teaching, and writing over the years. With a view to the scope of her writings, these essays range broadly: from the Bible and Ancient Greek authors--including not only Plato and Aristotle, but also Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Xenophon--to medieval thinkers, Maimonides, Dante, and Boccaccio, as well as modern philosophers, from Descartes and Montesquieu to Kant, Lessing, Hegel, and Kierkegaard. Moving in order from antiquity to modernity, the essays highlight certain recurring philosophical issues, including the relations between nature and convention, law and justice, human and divine, in light of the indispensable need for questioning and self-knowledge. Taken collectively, the essays disclose intriguing connections among the various authors and texts and display how the themes of nature, law, and the sacred continue to resonate across time. Contributors include Seth Appelbaum, Steven Berg, Robert Berman, Michael Davis, Derek Duplessie, Jacob Howland, Mary Nichols, Matthew Oberrieder, Clifford Orwin, Evanthia Speliotis, Nathan Tarcov, Jason Tipton, Peter Vedder, Richard Velkley, Stuart Warner, Roslyn Weiss, and Paul Wilford.
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Review by: Harvey Mansfield, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Government, Harvard University; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution - February 1, 2020
"A collection of essays to honor Ronna Burger in which each author strives in a contest of sparkling wit and intellect to be worthy of a wonderful teacher."

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