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More than Love: The Enduring Fascination with Edgar Allan Poe

Edited by: Amy Branam Armiento
Product Code: P700
ISBN: 9780881469462
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Price: $28.00

Edgar Allan Poe's legacy continues to thrive more than 175 years since his mysterious death. Poe's ubiquitous presence is evident not only in literature but also in film, television, music, visual arts, the tourism industry, and other fields. How does Poe command such a hold on so many imaginations? Why do so many people feel drawn to him? Clearly, Poe's impact transcends time and place. The essays collected here feature creators who have direct knowledge of his significance for contemporary U.S. culture. These individuals work in professions in which Poe himself had been employed (e.g., poet and short story writer) or represent fields known for engaging with Poe and his works (e.g., music and film). Too often, they are not invited to participate directly in scholarly research related to pop culture. Here, writers of poetry, detective fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories along with actors, visual artists, musicians, tour guides, teachers, and others reflect on how Poe has influenced their careers. Contributors include José Alejandro Acosta, Tim Beasley, Mark Dawidziak, Thomas Devaney, Andy Duncan, Enrica Jang, Dean Knight, Levi Leland, Lu Ann Young Marshall, Roger McCormack, Emily Michael, Ian Muneshwar, Christine Neulieb, Jamison Odone, Jessica L. Osnoe, Deborah T. Phillips, Stefanie Rocknak, MaryBeth Schade, Christopher P. Semtner, Jason Strutz, and Militia Vox.
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Review by: Carole Shaffer-Koros, professor emerita of English/History, Kean University - July 10, 2024
"Amy Branam Armiento has assembled a wonderful diverse collection of essays on Poe that make clear why Poe and his works are still relevant and loved by his modern readers. The stories of personal encounters to Poe make inspiring and fun reading. Kudos to the editor and to the authors."
Review by: Sean Moreland, editor of THE LOVECRAFTIAN POE - July 10, 2024
"This collection of essays about Poe's legacy and influence by a variety of contemporary American artists and writers offers a vibrant procession of perspectives on one of America's most pervasively influential and perennially misrepresented literary figures. Whether it is in cenotaphs and cemeteries, in architecture or the plastic arts, queer poetics or suspense cinema, these essays trace Poe's spectral presence through many fields of American cultural production. Whether in or out of academia, readers with an abiding interest in Poe's multi-faceted contemporary reception will find much in this collection to fascinate them."

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