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Making Sense of Nt Theology: "Modern" Problems and Prospects

By author: A.K.A. Adam
Product Code: P114
ISBN: 9780865544598
Product Format: Paperback
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"[Adam] seeks to establish that NT theology need not bee founded on warrants derived from historical-critical reasoning. After presenting a physiognomy of modernity, he discusses modern NT theology, the modern consensusin NT theology , modern NT theology under interrogation, the philosophical erosion of modernity, and prospects for non-modern NT theology. He concludes that NT theologians who feel unreasonably constrained by the imperatives that modenr NT theology requires should look for legitimation from the particualr reading formations that motivate their discomfort with modernity, not from the modernity that constrains them." (New Testament Abstracts) Critics have tried to revitalize the dicipline of the new Testament theology. The results of theor labors are often disappointing. A.K.M. Adam suggests the problems many sense in N.T. theology arise from a mismatch of method and goals. That mismatch stems from a preoccupation with "modernity" as resident in the hallowed halls of regnant historical criticisms. We need a hermeneutics of theology, a hermeneutics of hermeneutics. "Adam here helps us understand what to keep of the historical-critical perspective when the realization hits that we have been sold a bill of goods that no longer makes good on its promises. In that sense, Adam's book is far more friendly to the historical-critical method as such that unfriendly."(Charles Mabee, editor's preface) A.K.M. Adam teaches New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is author of What Is Postmodern Biblical Criticism.
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