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Jesus: A Savior Or The Savior? Religious Pluralism in Christian Perspective

By author: Russell F. Aldwinckle
Product Code: H024
ISBN: 9780865540231
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

Professor Aldwinckle’s basic theme is to argue for the necessity of going beyond the science and phenomenology of religion to deal with the truth-claims of various forms of religious faith. Aldwinckle makes a substantial case against modern tendencies toward religious syncretism, and a convincing case for the uniqueness of the Christian faith. Against the charge that such claims for Christ entail religious imperialism, arrogance, or exclusivism, Aldwinckle makes a strong case for living nearer the Spirit of the One whose unique role we affirm and profess. Russell Aldwinckle is Professor Emeritus at McMaster Divinity School, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
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