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Introduction to Sahidic Coptic

By author: Thomas O Lambdin
Product Code: H055
ISBN: 9780865540484
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock
Price: $50.00

This introductory textbook of Sahidic Coptic is intended especially for college and seminary students in the New Testament, but also will be of much interest to Egyptologists and Papyrologists. It is the first carefully graded introductory textbook of Sahidic Coptic to appear in English: no other grammar is designed specifically as a textbook, with lessons and drill exercises, nor does any other grammar feature such a complete glossary. Included are a series of carefully graded lessons with copious exercises covering the essential grammar and vocabulary, a selection of annotated texts, and a comprehensive glossary of Sahidic Coptic. The glossary will be to use not only to beginning students but also to those at the intermediate or advanced level engaged in reading or using source material in the Sahidic dialect. The textbook presumes no prior knowledge of Egyptian, Coptic, or Greek. It is written in a simple style, avoiding unnecessary technical language, and should offer no difficulties to the student who may want to use it for self-study. Controversial and theoretical issues are likewise avoided on the assumption that such matters need not be taken up during the first stage of one's studies. A thorough mastery of the lessons and the texts will enable the student to read Sahidic texts of average difficulty with ease and ready comprehension. The key to the exercises found within Introduction to Sahidic Coptic:
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