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Inside the Legal Profession: Conversations with Leaders of the Georgia Bench and Bar

Edited by: Patrick E. Longan
Product Code: P668
ISBN: 9780881468878
Publisher: Mercer University Press
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Price: $35.00

Central to Mercer University School of Law's mission is to help students envision their lives as lawyers and to inspire them to practice in the best traditions of the profession. Those purposes led to the creation of Mercer's "Inside the Legal Profession" series, a required part of the Mercer curriculum. These programs consist of hour-long interviews with distinguished members of the bench and bar, with the entire first-year class in attendance. More than one hundred lawyers and judges have participated in this program. With this book, Mercer School of Law seeks to expand the audience for these first-person stories of life in the law. We hope that aspiring lawyers, students at other schools, and practicing lawyers will all find lessons and inspiration in these pages. Presented here is a collection of eleven of the most memorable interviews in the series. In these pages, you will learn about what it is like to sit on the Supreme Court of Georgia and to preside as a trial judge on the federal and state courts. You will read about the challenges and rewards of representing indigent criminal defendants, Fortune 500 corporations, domestic violence victims, wrongfully-convicted inmates, and Guantanamo detainees. You will learn about prosecuting crimes and helping injured parties. Most importantly, you will discover in these pages the many paths to success and happiness in the law and that the undeniable challenges that come with life in the law can be met with success and joy.
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Review by: Mark R. Brown, Newton D. Baker/Baker and Hostetler Chair of Law, Capital University Law School - January 2, 2023
"Professor Longan's new book is a welcome addition to the legal landscape. Its well-chosen guests all have fascinating stories. Topics range from how to survive the law school experience to many of the premier problems of our day, including Guantanamo Bay, mandatory minimums, partisan gerrymandering, and gender discrimination in employment. Historical moments and recollections, along with questions from Longan's law students, add depth to the interviews. Regardless of whether the reader has Georgia connections, this collection presents an engaging pathway to and through the practice of law. I highly recommend it."
Review by: A. James Ellliott, professor of Practice, Emory University School of Law - January 2, 2023
"Professor Longan has compiled a library of interviews with an eclectic group of lawyers. Each interview is interesting in its own right; but as a composite, they provide an excellent introduction to the many facets of law practice. The varying life experiences presented give starting law students an unvarnished look at what practice can be. Law practice has stress, long hours, hard work, high points, low points, great satisfaction and a few disappointments, and failures. What a special vehicle this book provides to introduce students to exactly what the journey they are embarking on can be."
Review by: Mary R. Wilder, professor emeritus of English, Mercer University College of Liberal Arts - January 2, 2023
"As a teacher of drama for many years, I know good drama when I see it. Few professions create as much natural drama as the law, and this book takes you into the rooms where the drama happens. In these interviews, prominent lawyers and judges detail their experiences in the profession and explore the knowledge, skills, and personal character necessary to succeed. It's always good to learn important lessons, but these stories also make for great reading. They have the characters, plots, conflicts, and suspense that make for great drama. For its combination of life lessons for law students and lawyers and its excellent story-telling, I give this book one of my few A+'s."

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