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Immortal Stuff: Prose Poems

By author: Cathryn Hankla
Product Code: P662
ISBN: 9780881468748
Availability: In stock
Price: $20.00

Cathryn Hankla's eleventh volume of poetry and second full-length collection of prose poems, offers us an intimate catalog of what's remembered, what's observed, and what's imagined. Lyrical or narrative by turns, nuanced and deft, Hankla's prose poems range through the realms of reflection and imagination, finding them not so different: they rub shoulders and embrace like old friends. Significance pours equally from relationships, objects, and situations, which mean to mark us, confound us, and change us continually from contact with the wondrous and the wondrous ordinary, and the insights we take away. The voice guiding us is willing to encounter what comes, while surrendered to what happens next, to what has happened, and to living between knowing and wanting to know. Mature experience brings more mysteries than answers, and with that the sort of wisdom that can break into song or droll laughter. After all, "This is a heart trip not a head trip." Hankla wraps her arms around what matters: "Bringing everything to light one thing at a time" and us along for joy in the journey.
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Review by: Peter Johnson, winner of the Laughlin Award; and author of OLD MAN HOWLING AT THE MOON - January 2, 2023
"Whether these prose poems are about something as mundane as meeting a chemist or as unlikely and comic as a plucked chicken circumnavigating one's neighborhood, one consistent is the wonderful first-person narrator who guides us through the imaginary landscape of IMMORTAL STUFF. Sometimes reflective, other times, philosophical or perplexed or tongue-in-cheek about the existential vagaries of what we call life, this narrator always achieves a certain wisdom that only a seasoned poet like Cathryn Hankla can bear witness to. We can always expect the unexpected and original from Hankla."
Review by: Pablo Medina, author of THE FOREIGNER'S SONG - January 2, 2023
"Cathryn Hankla offers us a collection of moments, stories, and encounters that form a labyrinth we could otherwise call the human condition. She speaks to us as an old friend we must listen to. If you haven't read Hankla before you'll be surprised at her range—Gershwin, Mozart, tree frogs, Gettysburg—and her music, evident here in prose poems that sing as few can. If you have read her previously, as I have for years, you'll be heartened by the wisdom, clarity, and honesty of IMMORTAL STUFF."
Review by: Henry Taylor, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry; and author of THIS TILTED WORLD WHERE I LIVE - January 2, 2023
"These prose poems evoke several of the other worlds that are in this one. Based in this one, they move with assurance even when the topic may be lack of assurance, drifting from the recognizable, concrete surroundings in which comfort is possible, through something like a bead curtain, into realms more privately Cathryn Hankla's, and now, thanks to her multifarious gifts, ours as well. Discomfort is sometimes unwelcomed, but always to good effect. Reading this book has improved my life."

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