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Ghost Forest: Poems

By author: Jack B. Bedell
Product Code: P688
ISBN: 9780881469189
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $20.00

All manner of ghosts haunt the poems in Jack Bedell's new collection, GHOST FOREST. From memories of lost loved ones, to the ghosts of heroes, to the remnants of an eroding coastline, these spectres fill Bedell's lines with beauty and wisdom to help us all move into the future. Sometimes through memory, sometimes through visitation, sometimes through pure fantasy, Bedell's poems invoke spirits to help us see the world as it needs to be seen, or put back whole our broken pasts to make moving forward possible. No matter if it's Sonny Liston in need of a moment's peace, a ghost forest glowing as harbinger of what's headed our way, or old habits left to us by family we've lost come back around on the breeze to make their souls present in this world, GHOST FOREST takes time, page by page, to pay its due respects.
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