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Faith Reason and History: Rethinking Kierkegaard's Philosphical Fragments

By author: Roberts
Product Code: H202
ISBN: 9780865542280
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

Most books about Soren Kiekegaard’s pseudonymous works do not read this literature in the way that it was intended by its author to be read. In Faith, Reason, and History Robert C. Roberts has taken a small but central segment of Kierkegaard’s pseudonymous literature and has tried to meet it’s author’s challenge. Professor Roberts has tried to think Johannes Climacus’s thoughts after him, to “reduplicate” in the sphere of thought, if not of existence, the adventure of Philosophical Fragments. This, and nothing less, is the kind of reading the book demands. Faith, Reason, and History is Professor Roberts’s experiment in honoring Kierkegaard’s desire to be read in a more primitive way. He sorts through this web of confusion, irony, and truth-this tangled “knot of jest and earnest”-to help modern readers understand the serious points Kierkegaard is making in Philosophical Fragments. By explaining in detail what Kierkegaard does not explain, Professor Roberts helps readers over some of the hard places. But he also helps readers find the help offered by Kierkegaard himself. In this way Professor Roberts helps the reader not to understand the pseudonymous author (much less Kierkegaard himself) but to read the book and reflect on the crucial issues it addresses. Robert C. Roberts came to Wheaton College as professor of philosophy and psychological studies in 1984, after eleven years at Western Kentucky State University. He has written four previous books and numerous articles in distinguished journals and in the International Kierkegaard Commentary.
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