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Easter Weekend: A Novel

By author: David Bottoms
Product Code: P563
ISBN: 9780881466546
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $17.00

Easter weekend in Macon, Georgia: Connie Hotlzclaw is a good-hearted ex-boxer and small-time loser who can't keep out of trouble. He dreams of carrying his girlfriend, Rita Estes, a pretty Waffle House waitress, away to a ranch in Montana and a new start, away from the hamburger grease and petty hoods. His brother, Carl, though, has other ideas. He wants a big score, and he convinces pliable Connie to join in a kidnapping--an easy mark, a sure thing, a rich local college kid whose mother, of course, will do anything to get him back. All goes well, the boy's mother waits in a nearby hotel with the ransom money, and for a moment it seems Connie may get his dream of Rita and a Montana ranch. That's when the local mob muscles in on the job. Tommy, a murderous gangster and crazy as only a pure American product can be, brings in a couple of his strong boys to up the stakes, and a final showdown over the ransom money develops at Rose Hill Cemetery--for Connie a place of violence, death, and maybe a new beginning. In this gritty novel of loss, violence, and redemption, a distinguished American poet explores the dark world last seen in the novels of James M. Cain, where death lurks everywhere and a new beginning is always just out of reach.
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Review by: James Dickey - January 1, 1990
In this brilliant novel of a small-town kidnapping gone to hell, David Bottoms hits you fast and very hard. His driving, uncompromising prose thrusts a light into the nightmarish part of America lesser writers flee. First class; unforgettable.
Review by: Barry Hannah - January 1, 1990
Sweetness and light! Sweetness and light! David Bottoms is one of my favorite writers, and after EASTER WEEKEND, he’ll be one of yours, Gentle Reader!
Review by: Ferrol Sams - January 1, 1990
A masterful suspense writer, Bottoms has really produced a heart thumper—my palms were sweating even before I finished reading EASTER WEEKEND. Bottoms is the Faulkner of the new South.

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