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Day by Day through the Civil War in Georgia

By author: Michael K. Shaffer
Product Code: HH1019
ISBN: 9780881468243
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $37.00

Until now, a daily account (1,630 days) of Georgia's social, political, economic, and military events during the Civil War did not exist. During the 160 years since the conflict's termination, many fine accounts of wartime Georgia have rolled off various presses. Each daily entry derives from a quill scrolling the parchment or a press imprinting type on the day the activity occurred. For the author, constraint proved a continuing challenge, while the unearthing of a few dramatic quotes, without a date associated, negated their use in this resource. Many former reference books were too much North or too much South, but with this effort, Michael K. Shaffer strikes a balance between the combatants while remembering the struggles of enslaved persons, folks on the home front, and merchants and clergy attempting to maintain some sense of normalcy. Historians and students will benefit from using this book in future research endeavors. As such, this work will become the standard reference book for those studying the Civil War in Georgia. Maps, footnotes, a detailed index, and bibliographical references will aid those wanting more.
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Review by: David Evans, author of SHERMAN'S HORSEMEN - December 15, 2021
Michael K. Shaffer's DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE CIVIL WAR IN GEORGIA is a ready reference for anyone interested in the military, political, economic, and social upheaval that shook the Empire State of the South to its core. Modeled after E.B. and Barbara Long's iconic THE CIVIL WAR DAY BY DAY, Shaffer actually improves on the original design, using period letters, diaries, speeches, newspapers, and other primary sources to capture the true temper of the times. Fully footnoted, indexed, and amply illustrated, this engaging chronicle of the darkest days in Georgia's history is a useful addition to any Civil War bookshelf.
Review by: Robert Jenkins, Sr., author of THE BATTLE OF PEACH TREE CREEK and TO THE GATES OF ATLANTA - December 15, 2021
Georgia has long remained void of an historical account which chronicles the many varied and important events that marked the calendar for the period of the American Civil War. Complete with a full and detailed index, Michael K. Shaffer's DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE CIVIL WAR IN GEORGIA takes readers through the arduous and desperate days and events of the citizens, soldiers, generals, and politicians of the Empire State of the South. Shaffer's attention to detail and his appreciation for a balanced, thorough, and fair research makes his editor's notes, which provides a backdrop for each of the quoted materials, a sensible and trustworthy reference.
Review by: Stephen Davis, award-winning author of TEXAS BRIGADIER TO THE FALL OF ATLANTA and INTO TENNESSEE AND FAILURE - December 15, 2021
Michael K. Shaffer's DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE CIVIL WAR IN GEORGIA offers the most in-depth view of a Southern state at war in the literature. Using primary sources, especially Confederate newspapers, Shaffer allows us a glimpse into war events that marks this work as one-of-a-kind. Move over Professor Bryan; this is now the go-to source on Georgia in the War!

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