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Cook & Celebrate: A Collection of Southern Holiday & Party Culinary Traditions

By author: Johnathon Scott Barrett
Product Code: P673
ISBN: 9780881468953
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $25.00

Johnathon Scott Barrett, who author Janis Owens refers to as "a Prince of a host" takes you on another Southern food journey within the pages of his newest book. Following his culinary memoir, RISE & SHINE! and the subsequent recipe-filled anthology, COOK & TELL, Barrett presents the convivial and delicious COOK & CELEBRATE. Barrett takes readers from the Commonwealth of Virginia, down to the Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry, over to Mobile Bay, and on jaunts in between to showcase the favorite dishes (and the stories behind them) Southerners use to fete the holidays, and one another. Memories abound with Hoppin' John and collards at New Year's, fried chicken and potato salad on Independence Day, sweet, cloud-like coconut cakes at Easter, and the veritable Tom Turkey and cornbread dressing which crown dining tables at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Barrett shares these recipes, along with 100+ more, while introducing in each chapter friends and loved ones along the way. And besides their enthusiasm for the holidays, Southerners, with their ingrained sense of graciousness, are also known for toasting life and one another with a variety of appetizing affairs. Barrett relates herein with a sampling of delightful soirees and dinners, some as casual as a fish-fry to others with four courses and your grandmother's silver and china. COOK & CLEBRATE is a wonderful, delectable, and nostalgic read that will invoke warm, festive memories and inspire you to celebrate life in the kitchen.
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