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Church and World in the New Testament

By author: Schneider
Product Code: P011
ISBN: 9780865540637
Product Format: Paperback
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Based on a lecture delivered at the Congress of Free Church Students in Gottingen in May 1955, Gemeinde und Welt im Neuen Testament was published by Oncken Verlag (Wuppertal) that same year. This is the first English translation. Within this small volume Professor Schneider addresses the perennial problem of the church-world relationship. With an admirable succinctness combined with a breadth of understanding, he outlines the New Testament perspective of the church and world in confrontation and focuses on the tension between the two. Because of the clarity of Professor Schneider’s presentation and suggestion pointing toward an understanding grounded in Scripture, Church and World in the New Testament is an excellent introduction to the problem and a useful text to students in New Testament ethics and Christian sociology. Johannes Schneider (1895–1970) was on the theological faculty of the University of Berlin. He was the author of eighteen books, including Der Hebraefbrief (The Letter to the Hebrews), and contributed numerous articles to the Theologisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament. Henlee Barnette is Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Among his many books is Exploring Medical Ethics. Wayne Barnette is a professional translator of Slavic languages.
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