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Chased by the Wolf: A Life with Lupus and the Kidney Transplant That Saved It

By author: Jill Sauceman, Fred Sauceman
Product Code: P571
ISBN: 9780881466713
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $17.00

In the summer of 1974, Jill Sauceman was ready to begin the nursing program at East Tennessee State University. During her college physical, at a small medical clinic in Nickelsville, Virginia, her doctor noticed something out of the ordinary. Suddenly, Jill's future plans were put on hold, when he discovered that her kidneys were not functioning properly. He diagnosed her with lupus nephritis, a disease she had never heard of before. Instead of preparing for college, she was made acutely aware of her own mortality at a young age. She was told that within ten to fifteen years of the diagnosis, she would be on dialysis or would require a kidney transplant. She fought through total hip replacements and debilitating flare-ups of lupus and managed to save her increasingly weakened kidneys until 2014, when she received a life-saving kidney transplant from an anonymous donor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. At the time, her kidney function had deteriorated to less than seven percent. This book recounts her life story and how, in 1978, she met the person who would help her through the struggles and celebrate her triumphs. The marriage of Fred and Jill Sauceman has survived for almost forty years. Advised by a family doctor never to marry her, Fred ignored that advice and followed his heart. This book also sends a strong message about the need for organ donation. As Jill's transplant surgeon says, too many valuable organs are being buried. All proceeds from CHASED BY THE WOLF will benefit the renal transplant program at Vanderbilt.
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Review by: Adriana Trigiani, author of BIG STONE GAP - July 1, 2018
This glorious memoir chronicles Jill's shocking diagnosis of lupus in her youth, and how she copes with an uncertain future. Fred Sauceman, her white knight with a spatula, enters a disco and her life is never the same. The third partner in their vibrant, loving, and complex marriage is Jill's lupus. The coauthors meet the beast head-on, without compromise.
Review by: Paul Stanton Jr., MD, president emeritus of East Tennessee State University and member of the Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame - July 1, 2018
This is an outstandingly well-written book that every person with chronic renal disease, end-stage renal disease, or lupus should read. It is also a book that every medical student or future physician should read. CHASED BY THE WOLF gives the reader a thorough understanding of the failing kidney and life's choices for care and therapeutic options including transplant-level decisions.
Review by: Patrick Cronin, stage, screen, and television actor and professor of Theatre and Dance at East Tennessee State University - July 1, 2018
CHASED BY THE WOLF is a captivating story of the almost forty-year marriage of Jill and Fred Sauceman and their battle against what they call "the beast," lupus. It is a personal story, a story of many nights of almost dying from kidney failure only to live on in the hope that one day the beast will be eliminated. If you are fighting your own beast, then read CHASED BY THE WOLF and be reminded that no matter how dark it seems, there is always the light of hope.

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