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Chapters In A Life of Paul

By author: Knox, Hare
Product Code: P036
ISBN: 9780865542815
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $35.00

A Reader’s Response to Chapters in a Life of Paul: “In the history of New Testament study there have been several truly seminal books which only gradually found ‘ears that hear,’ but which, upon finding those ears, proceed to affect significantly the course of interpretation. John Knox’s Chapters in a Life of Paul is one of these. If, to some extent, New Testament interpreters were hard of hearing when it first appeared, that is scarcely true today. For example, several recent and justly influential studies of Pauline chronology have been built squarely on the foundation laid by Know. It is, therefore, a happy development that we again have easy access to this seminal work, and that in the revision made with the able assistance of Douglas Hare we have Knox’s mature assessment of the pertinent labors published by others since the original edition.” --J. Louis Martyn, Edward Robinson Professor of Biblical Theology, Union Theological Seminary
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