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Campus to Counter: Civil Rights Activism in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, 1960-1963

By author: Brian SuttellSeries edited by: Quinton H. Dixie
Product Code: P665
ISBN: 9780881468779
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CAMPUS TO COUNTER analyzes civil rights activism in North Carolina in the early 1960s, especially among students at Shaw University, Saint Augustine's College, and North Carolina College at Durham. Their significance in challenging segregation has been underrepresented in scholarly works. These students played a crucial role in bringing the end of legal segregation and in reducing hiring discrimination. While activists proceeded from campus to lunch counters for sit-ins, their actions also represented a counter to businesspersons and politicians seeking to preserve a segregationist view of Tar Heel hospitality. The book demonstrates how academic freedom ideas gave additional ideological force to the civil rights movement and garnered support from "Research Triangle" schools North Carolina State College, Duke University, and The University of North Carolina. Many students from the "Protest Triangle" (the author's term for activists at the three HBCUs) and the "Research Triangle" viewed efforts by politicians to thwart protest participation as restrictions of their academic freedom. Despite the rich historiography on the civil rights movement and scholarly works addressing academic freedom, their connections have gone mostly unexplored. Suttell utilized extensive archival research and conducted thirty-one interviews with activists and Raleigh and Durham community members, in addition to nationally recognized civil rights leaders like Andrew Young and Wyatt Tee Walker.
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Review by: William Chafe, Alice Mary Baldwin Distinguished Professor of History emeritus, Duke University; and author of CIVILITIES AND CIVIL RIGHTS - January 2, 2023
"Drawing upon multiple oral history interviews with Black students who launched the sit-in movement in the Research Triangle in 1960, Brian Suttell provides rich new insights into how these students helped transform race relations in North Carolina."
Review by: Thomas L. Bynum, associate professor of History and director of Black Studies Program, Cleveland State University; and author of NAACP YOUTH AND THE FIGHT FOR BLACK FREEDOM, 1936-1965 - January 2, 2023
"Written in a manner that would appeal to scholars and the general public, CAMPUS TO COUNTER is an exceptional work and makes an important contribution to the scholarship on student activism during the civil rights movement. Brian Suttell aptly underscores the activism of Black college students in transforming the civil rights movement and the fight for racial equality and justice in North Carolina. His groundbreaking work further sheds light on the significance of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to Black youth activism and the role young people (both Black and White) played in shaping the course of the civil rights movement."
Review by: Ray Raphael, author of A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - January 2, 2023
"Here, Brian Suttell explores North Carolina's civil rights struggles of the early 1960s in granular detail. It was neither the proverbial 'outside agitators,' nor national leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., who propelled this movement forward; the driving force, he demonstrates, came from the ground up, students in what Suttell labels the 'Protest Triangle' of historically Black colleges: Shaw University, St. Augustine's College, and North Carolina College at Durham. In an ironic twist, he shows that while these folks led the way, students and faculty at the better known 'Research Triangle'--Duke, University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State--played valuable supporting roles, often in the name of academic freedom. Suttell's work is a nuanced inquiry into the dynamics of desegregation in the Upper South."

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