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Annie Laura’s Gift

By author: Milinda Jay
Product Code: P618
ISBN: 9780881467789
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $18.00

Based on a true story, beautiful, tenacious Annie Laura Brock, an immigrant in the rural South of the late 1880s fights for her dream: a home in America for herself and her young siblings. She is certain that in America, anything is possible for those who work hard and believe. Despite prejudice and abuse at the hands of rich, powerful townspeople, and the loss of both her parents, Annie Laura perseveres. With the help of her friend, Morris, she carves a farm from the stubborn Florida piney woods. But darkness descends when Morris is forced from the town by his greedy half-siblings. Small-town culture is not kind when Annie Laura, the victim of rape, brings an illegitimate child into the world, and shunning takes on an entirely new and sinister meaning.
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