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An Introduction to the Psychology of Religion

By author: Robert W. Crapps
Product Code: P021
ISBN: 9780865541955
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $35.00

Developed in almost thirty years of classroom experience, this book is designed to introduce students and other readers to the psychological study of religion. Robert W. Crapps deals with the major questions and figures that have dominated the psychological study of religion over the past century, dividing the discussion into four parts. Two chapters in part one suggest the problems and possibilities for the psychological study of religion in light of the nature of religion and the scientific method. Part two sketches the contributions to the study of religion of three intellectual currents in contemporary psychology: psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic psychology. part three explores the relationship between religion and human development, while part four directs attention to religious lifestyles and that weave differentiated parts of human experience into a cohesive whole.
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