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Above and Beyond: The Mason Family and the Transformation of Gwinnett County

By author: Catherine M. Lewis
Product Code: HH1048
ISBN: 9780881469455
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Gwinnett County, northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, has been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation since the 1980s. Nobody walking the unpaved county roads could have imagined that, two centuries after its founding, it would become the second-most populous county in Georgia and one of the most dynamic and diverse in the nation. ABOVE AND BEYOND tells the story of that growth through one of its most significant families--the Masons. They first settled in Gwinnett in 1838 and have long played a major role in the development of one of the South's largest metropolitan areas. In the twentieth century, Wayne and Jimmy Mason were instrumental in transforming Gwinnett through private investment, business development, public works, and public service. The Masons' story reveals a great deal about the economic, business, political, and social climate in the South's most important business center after World War II. On March 16, 2015, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson paid tribute in the Congressional Record to Wayne Mason: "I want to share with the Senate the greatest example I know of how much difference one man can make. I would not be where I am today and Gwinnett County--one of America's most dynamic counties--would not be what it is today were it not for the support and leadership of Wayne Mason." The Masons were not the only family to shape Gwinnett, but their story illustrates their unique and significant contribution to the county, the state, and the region.
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Review by: Sam Williams, former president and CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce - July 10, 2024
"The Masons, especially Wayne, have transformed Gwinnett County and have been involved in major development projects like the BeltLine, infrastructure with water and sewer authorities, and philanthropy. Anyone who wants a case study about the changing South should read this book."
Review by: Jim Henderson, former Gwinnett Superior Court Judge - July 10, 2024
"Gwinnett County would not be what it is today were it not for the vision of the Mason family. They settled there in 1838 and have helped it grow and thrive ever since."
Review by: Steve Wrigley, former Chancellor, University System of Georgia - July 10, 2024
"The Mason family has shaped Gwinnett County for more than a century. No family has contributed more to the county's meteoric growth. To understand modern Gwinnett, you must study the careers of Jimmy and Wayne Mason. ABOVE AND BEYOND tells that story for the first time."

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