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The Last Orator for the Millhands: William Jennings Bryan Dorn, 1916-2005
By author: Jack Roper
Product Code: H966
ISBN: 9780881466904
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Price: $40.00
William Jennings Bryan Dorn was not a great man, but he was a great representative in all senses of the word (including U.S. congressman) for the middling class of millhands, small time farmers, small town businessmen, educators, and career military people who peopled his rural and small town third congressional district in the red hills of South Carolina. More, he was truly representative of the people, the Lincolnian phrase he adapted usefully to his political service in office from 1946 to 1975 and behind the scenes from 1976 to his declining years of the twenty-first century.

An Edgefield Planter and His World: The 1840s Journals of Whitfield Brooks
By author: James O. Farmer Jr.
Product Code: H968
ISBN: 9780881466928
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $40.00
AN EDGEFIELD PLANTER AND HIS WORLD opens a window on the life of an elite family and its circle in a now iconic place, during a crystalizing decade of the Antebellum era. By the time he began a new diary volume in 1840, Brooks (1790-1851) was among the richest men in a South Carolina district known for its cotton-and-slave-generated wealth. His journal reveals Brooks’s attentiveness to his plantation and farms, self-image as a paternal master, religious sensibility, genteel but honor-bound bearing, personal and family connections, perspective on politics, and the effects of debilitating headaches.

Florida Explored: The Philadelphia Connection in Bartram’s Tracks
Product Code: H969
ISBN: 9780881466935
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $40.00
This unique natural history exploration of Florida by members and correspondents of America’s first research natural history museum, Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences, reveals the science of discovery and collection of unknown plants, animals, fossils, and artifacts of ancient peoples. The early naturalists, Thomas Say, Titian Peale, Thomas Nuttall, John James Audubon, John LeConte, John Torrey, Hardy Croom, Alvan Chapman, Asa Gray, Clarence Moore, Henry Fowler, Henry Pilsbry, Francis Harper, and others were inspired to explore Florida in the tracks of William Bartram, the colonial explorer of British East and West Florida and author in 1791 of TRAVELS.

When Fiction and Philosophy Meet: A Conversation with Flannery O’Connor and Simone Weil
Product Code: H971
ISBN: 9780881466966
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $35.00
An innovative book, WHEN FICTION AND PHILOSOPHY MEET explores the intersection between the philosophy of Simone Weil from Paris, France, and the fiction of Flannery O’Connor from the Southern state of Georgia, USA. In an era of war, of unprecedented human displacements, and of ethnic, racial, and religious fears the ideas of these two intellectuals bear on our present condition.

Tales from Georgia's Gnat Line
By author: Larry Walker
Product Code: H973
ISBN: 9780881466980
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $27.00
TALES FROM GEORGIA'S GNAT LINE is about the South--the Deep South; Larry Walker’s part of the world. It’s about good people, and some not so good. It’s about a part of the United States that was, and is, somewhat different from the rest. And it’s about cotton, because in many ways cotton caused Southerners to do some of the things that otherwise good people would not have done. It’s never been easy to be a Southerner, black or white. This book is about the South of the past, the present, and, if read carefully, of the future.

Summoning Shades
By author: R. T. Smith
Product Code: P579
ISBN: 9780881467000
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $18.00
Homer sends the hero of THE ODYSSEY to interview the dead in order to discover his destiny. The poems of R. T. Smith’s SUMMONING SHADES pursue a similar mission, bringing to life in monologues and narratives figures from history and recollection, all rendered with careful attention to the idiom, customs, emotions, and ironies of their time and region.

Your Autobiography
By author: Kelly Cherry
Product Code: P580
ISBN: 9780881467017
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $18.00
YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY takes on the large issues of war and espionage, ethics and theology, identity and family. Cherry’s poetry takes the reader on a journey of self-introspection and self-examination. Her words permeate a reader’s being in multiple ways both emotionally and intellectually.

Through the Needle’s Eye
By author: Linda Bledsoe
Product Code: P581
ISBN: 9780881467024
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $17.00
THROUGH THE NEEDLE'S EYE is told through the authentic voice of Jessie, a precocious girl raised in the Blue Ridge Foothills of Southern Appalachia after World War II. Saddled with an alcoholic narcissistic father and a passive mother, Jessie is charged with mothering her siblings as generational curses and poverty never cease to overwhelm her family. As providence would have it, Granny Isabelle sets her eagle eye upon Jessie, the child neither parents nor teachers think worthwhile.

Baptists in Early North America–Meherrin, Virginia,Volume VI
Edited by: Fred Anderson
Product Code: H972
ISBN: 9780881466973
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $60.00
BAPTISTS IN EARLY NORTH AMERICA--MEHERRIN, VIRGINIA features the transcription of the records of Meherrin, an eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Baptist church on the frontier of Virginia in rural Lunenburg County. Despite its backwater location and relatively small congregation, Meherrin played a significant role in one of the great episodes of Baptist history in young America: the rise of Separate Baptists and their influence in Virginia.

Untold Stories, Unheard Voices: Truman Capote and In Cold Blood
By author: Jan Whitt
Product Code: H974
ISBN: 9780881467048
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $35.00
IN COLD BLOOD remains one of the 100 greatest novels of the twentieth century, a study of crime and a polemic against capital punishment that is without peer. Truman Capote purportedly considered it the “first nonfiction novel,” ushering in the era of New Journalism, as defined by Tom Wolfe. It also was the catalyst for a century of crime reporting in America, and crime coverage is by definition popular, involving heightened dramatic conflict, human interest, and questions of morality. The study focuses upon the voices left out of IN COLD BLOOD, which Capote wrote during his whirlwind race to an imaginary finish line.

Forward My Brave Boys!: A History of the 11th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry CSA, 1861-1865
Product Code: P582
ISBN: 9780881467055
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $30.00
FORWARD MY BRAVE BOYS tells the story of the 11th Tennessee Infantry, a unit comprised of ten companies of men raised from five Middle Tennessee counties in the early spring of 1861. Join these soldiers as they are transformed from raw citizens into a ferocious band of fighters, eventually becoming part of General Benjamin F. Cheatham’s hard-hitting division. This book takes the reader into their camps, on the march, and onto the line of battle through first-hand accounts taken from diaries, letters, and journals. Many never-before-published photographs of the soldiers, newly created battle maps, as well as an extensive biographical roster make this a valuable resource for historians and genealogists, and a great addition to the story of the Army of Tennessee and the war in the West.

Baptist Theology: A Four-Century Study
By author: James Leo Garrett
Product Code: P584
ISBN: 9780881467079
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $40.00
Embracing in one common trajectory the major Baptist confessions of faith, the major Baptist theologians, and the principal Baptist theological movements and controversies, this book spans four centuries of Baptist doctrinal history.

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