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Game Day and God: Football, Faith and Politics in the American South
By author: Eric Bain-Selbo
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Code: P458
ISBN: 9780881464177
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $25.00
Game Day and God: Football, Faith, and Politics in the American South takes seriously the often-stated assertion that college football in the South is a religion. To this end, Eric Bain-Selbo draws upon a wide range of theoretical approaches in religious studies and cultural criticism. He also relies upon field research on several campuses in the Southeastern Conference where he interviewed fans and experienced “game day.” Game Day and God also recounts the role that college football has played in Southern history and culture. Going back as far as the Civil War, the work explains the cultural meaning of college football in the South, delivering a much-needed critical perspective to the subject.

Winning the Race? Religion, Hope, and Reshaping the Sport Enhancement Debate
By author: Tracy J. Trothen
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Code: P516
ISBN: 9780881465433
Availability: In stock
Price: $30.00
Should high-tech prosthetic limbs be permissible in elite sports competitions? Why are caffeine and altitude tents usually acceptable while some cold medications are not? What will happen as we engineer new enhancing options such as genetic modification technologies that increase muscle strength, or individualized nutritional genomic programs for elite athletes? The ethics debate about the use of enhancements in elite sport is becoming increasingly complex. Yet we are not asking what relevance sports’ religious dimension has to this debate. Through an examination of literature on the relationship between sport, religion and spirituality, hope emerges as a compelling feature of sport and a significant part of what makes sport meaningful. Trothen explores four main locations of hope in sport: winning, losing, and anticipation; star athletes; perfect moments; and relational embodiment, and examines how these locations intersect with the enhancement debate.

Dribbling for Dawah: Sports among Muslim Americans
By author: Steven Fink
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Code: P536
ISBN: 9780881465921
Availability: In stock
Price: $30.00
Amidst a proliferation of scholarly literature about Islam in the United States, very little attention has been given to sports among Muslim Americans. While books about professional Muslim athletes can be found, this is the first book to investigate Muslim American sports at the local level, looking at Muslim basketball leagues, sports programs at mosques and Islamic schools, and sports events hosted by Muslim organizations. Drawing upon personal interviews and observations as well as scholarly sources, this book demonstrates that participation in sports activities plays a vital role in strengthening Islamic piety and fellowship, and in connecting Muslims with non-Muslims in post-9/11 America.

God, Nimrod, and the World: Exploring Christian Perspectives on Sport Hunting
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Code: P552
ISBN: 9780881466331
Availability: In stock
Price: $40.00
GOD, NIMROD, AND THE WORLD presents the perspectives of more than two-dozen authors on the controversial sport of hunting, surveying the relationship between the blood sport and the salvation religion of Christianity. The first half of the book provides sketches of the diverse interpretations of hunting in Hebrew and Christian cultures of the last two millennia, finally giving voice to those in the field who are both practitioners and persons of faith. The second half offers prescriptions for the place of hunting in the life of contemporary Christians, with perspectives arguing for prohibition to those contending that hunting has a practical, even perfecting, place in the life of faith.

Gods, Games, and Globalization: New Perspectives on Religion and Sport
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Code: P591
ISBN: 9780881467222
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00
The focus of this volume is on the varieties of religious experiences in sports on the global stage. The first generation of sports and religion scholars debated the ways sports intersected with or even replaced traditional religions and investigated self-identified religious adherents and institutions that have used sports in traditional religious contexts. Our task here is to expand, revise, and complicate this conversation. The essays in this volume look both within and beyond conventional frames to shine a light on the many facets of this endlessly compelling topic.

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