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The Depths of Life: Paul Tillich’s Understanding of God
By author: Duane Olson
Product Code: P594
ISBN: 9780881467260
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Price: $25.00
Throughout his work, Paul Tillich critiqued the traditional monotheistic idea of God as a being alongside the world with definable properties, and he sought to replace this idea of God and the God-world relationship with another one. He regarded this replacement as vital for establishing a believable Christian theology, a relevant philosophy of religion, and a mutually beneficial understanding of the relationship between religion and contemporary culture. In this work of philosophy of religion geared to the non-expert, Olson explains Tillich's idea of God and the God-world relationship, showing how, for Tillich, God is both infused throughout the world and transcendent of it.

Truth Is Subjectivity: Kierkegaard and Political Theology
Edited by: Sylvia Walsh Perkins   Foreword by: Sheridan Hough
Product Code: P595
ISBN: 9780881467291
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Price: $25.00
The essays and response that make up this volume were originally presented at a Symposium in Honor of Robert L. Perkins at the annual meeting of the Søren Kierkegaard Society in 2018. These essays address Kierkegaard's political theology from a variety of perspectives, focusing on his specific views of the political and its implications for the expression of Christian love in the context of civil society in Kierkegaard's time as well as in contemporary society in America. Contributors include: John J. Davenport, Marilyn G. Piety, C. Stephen Evans, George Pattison, Lee C. Barrett, and Christopher A. P. Nelson.

A Church for Rachel
By author: Charles E. Poole
Product Code: P597
ISBN: 9780881467314
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Price: $15.00
A CHUCH FOR RACHEL is a collection of discourses written for, and among, those who mourn, grieve, struggle, and wonder. The "Rachel" in the title is the Rachel in the Bible, the Rachel who died birthing Benjamin in Genesis, and subsequently became a symbol for sadness in Matthew and Jeremiah: "Rachel, weeping for her children who are no more." The church in the title is any church anywhere that surrounds the Rachels of this world with good theology, strong support, and tender care.

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