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Mercer’s Moment: Mercer Beats Duke!
By author: Daniel Shirley   Foreword by: Jeremy Timmerman
Product Code: P588
ISBN: 9780881467178
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Price: $20.00
For years, the Mercer University men's basketball team had been building toward the NCAA Tournament only to come up short in agonizing fashion several times. But the Bears finally got over the hump to reach the tournament and take part in March Madness in 2014, and in doing so, they put their previous close calls behind them. When Mercer did get to college basketball's biggest stage, one of basketball's proudest programs--Duke--was standing in their way. Plenty of attention was on the matchup because it was DUKE and everything that comes with facing the Blue Devils. The Bears, however, were up to the task. Ready for their moment, they came through with one of the NCAA Tournament's biggest upsets, which changed their program and the university forever.

A Church for Rachel
By author: Charles E. Poole
Product Code: P597
ISBN: 9780881467314
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $15.00
A CHUCH FOR RACHEL is a collection of discourses written for, and among, those who mourn, grieve, struggle, and wonder. The "Rachel" in the title is the Rachel in the Bible, the Rachel who died birthing Benjamin in Genesis, and subsequently became a symbol for sadness in Matthew and Jeremiah: "Rachel, weeping for her children who are no more." The church in the title is any church anywhere that surrounds the Rachels of this world with good theology, strong support, and tender care.

Kierkegaard in Context: Essays in Honor of Jon Stewart
Product Code: H981
ISBN: 9780881467239
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $45.00
The essays in this volume are inspired by the influential and multi-faceted work of Jon Stewart on the historical context and subsequent legacy of Søren Kierkegaard. Following the lead of Stewart, they provide a corrective to readings that treat Kierkegaard’s texts and the works of writers influenced by him in abstraction from the specific conversations, disputes, and trends in which they were situated.

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