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Ghosts And Shadows of Andersonville : Essays on the Secret Social Histories of America's Deadliest Prison
By author: Robert S. Davis
Product Code: H703
ISBN: 9780881460124
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00
The name Andersonville, from the American Civil War to the present, has come to be synonimous with “American death camp.” While a work of deep introspection and high adventure, this new, critical book also corrects myths, misunderstandings, and major mistakes that have appeared in print and popular history.

My Dear Friend : The Civil War Letters of Alva Benjamin Spencer, 3rd Georgia Regiment, Company C
Product Code: H732
ISBN: 9780881460575
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock
Price: $29.95
Spencer's letters carry us through the whole experience, from being wounded at South Mills, North Carolina, to the “Chicimocomico Races” on Roanoke Island to collecting seashells at Nags Head, and the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. Join Alva in a journey through his letters to his beloved “Maggie.”

To Honor These Men : A History of the Phillips Georgia Legion Infantry Battalion
Product Code: H733
ISBN: 9780881460605
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock
Price: $40.00
To Honor These Men is a thoroughly researched, comprehensive book that details the organization of a “legion” and its combat odyssey. The authors have followed the trail of the story of Phillips Georgia legion that takes the reader on foot and horseback through most of the major battles in the eastern theatre of the Civil War.

A Confederate Legend: Berry Benson in War and Peace
By author: Edward J. Cashin
Product Code: H764
ISBN: 9780881461183
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock
Price: $32.00
Berry Benson. part poet and part warrior, viewed the Civil War as the supreme adventure. He measured himself against men who seemed to him to personify the chivalric ideals he had read about as a boy, and his own exploits became the stuff of legends. And because he had lived up to his highest ideals during the war, he devoted his post-war career to worthy causes.

Saddle Bag and Spinning Wheel is an as-it-was-happening chronicle of two persons caught up in the events of the Civil War themselves. There are 216 letters, the personal correspondence between George Washington Peddy, surgeon, 56th Georgia Volunteer Regiment, CSA, and his wife Kate. More of his letters (166) than hers (50) survived. Nevertheless the chronicle is complete (October 1861-April 1865).

Joe Brown's Army: The Georgia State Line 1862-1865
Product Code: P119
ISBN: 9780865542624
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock
Price: $25.00
Of all the defense forces raised in Confederate Georgia, the Georgia State Line-two regiments of conscription-age soldiers-stands alone as an organization unique in origin and service. This book, the only extensive treatment of a Georgia state military organization during the Civil War, traces the history of the State Line regiments as they participated in every Confederate campaign waged in Georgia during their existence.

Col. Burton's Spiller & Burr Revolver: An Untimely Venture in Confederate Small Arms Manufacturing
By author: Matthew W. Norman
Product Code: H406
ISBN: 9780865545311
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $22.95
In 1861, with very few resources, the Confederacy attempted to arm itself. Several armories and factories were created in the South to help meet these needs. Colonel Burton's Spiller & Burr Revolver is based exclusively on primary sources, and provides a detailed history about one of those manufacturing firms during the Civil War. The book describes how the factory's history applies to Southern industrialism in the mid-nineteenth century. Revolving around the creation, operation, and demise of a pistol factory, this book illustrates the struggles of the factory and thus of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Requiem For a Lost City: A Memoir of Civil War Atlanta and the Old South
Edited by: Robert Davis Jr.
Product Code: H466
ISBN: 9780865546226
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $32.95
Through novels such as Gone with the Wind, the story of the fall and destruction of Atlanta has joined myths of other lost cities such as Atlantis, Troy, and Jericho. Sallie Clayton's memoirs show us the reality of Civil War Atlanta from Secession to the memorials to the fallen, many years after the war. Sallie was a member of one of Georgia's wealthiest and most prominent families. Her memoirs detail the losses her family suffered. Moreover, Sallie seems to have been in all the wrong places throughout the war. From her we have a first-hand account of war-torn Atlanta, plantation life during the war, the opening shots of the battle for Chattanooga, and of postwar riots in Augusta and Athens.

Under the Southern Cross : Soldier Life With Gordon Bradwell and the 31st Georgia Infantry
By author: Pharris D. Johnson
Product Code: H496
ISBN: 9780865546677
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock
Price: $35.00
In his introduction to the classic Civil War book Company Aytch, historian Bell I. Wiley makes a pointed observation about soldiers' memoirs, "Most of these have only limited value either as history or literature, but a few stand out as exceptions to the general rule.” Fortunately, as readers learn from the pen of Pvt. Isaac Gordon Bradwell, his stirring narrative provides one such exception. The unforgettable events witnessed by an impressionable young Georgian originally found their way into print, piecemeal fashion, courtesy of the Confederate Veteran magazine. Long buried in the pages of this magazine's volumes, Bradwell's engaging and readable story is finally told in its entirety.

Cracker Cavaliers : The 2nd Georgia Cavalry Under Wheeler and Forrest
By author: John Randolph Poole
Product Code: H516
ISBN: 9780865546974
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $34.95
Cracker Cavaliers: A Regimental History of the Second Georgia Cavalry under Forrest and Wheeler documents the regiment’s participation in major campaigns of the western theater, including the Atlanta Campaign and Sherman’s March to the sea from an ordinary soldier’s perspective on the Civil War.

Sherman's 1864 Trail of Battle to Atlanta
By author: Philip Secrist
Product Code: P220
ISBN: 9780865547452
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock
Price: $24.00
In Sherman’s 1864 Trail of Battle to Atlanta the author traces the principal routes of march and sites of battle used by the Confederate and Union armies in the 120-day Atlanta Campaign. Exact location of events along the way have been identified through the recovery of military artifacts on the site and through comparing terrain features described in battle reports with the site today.

Life In Dixie during the War
Edited by: J. H. Segar   By author: Mary A. H. Gay
Product Code: P213
ISBN: 9780865547490
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock
Price: $30.00
Mercer University Press proudly revives this acclaimed real-life account of what the fictional Scarlett O’Hara saw. Life in Dixie During the War, first published in 1892, ranks among the best first-person accounts of the American Civil War. Mary A. H. Gay eloquently recounts her wartime experiences in Georgia and bears witness to the “suffering and struggle, defeat and despair, triumph, and hope that is human history.”

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