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Bracy V. Hill II

Bracy V. Hill II is senior lecturer in History at Baylor University where he teaches courses in British and American History, especially the history of hunting. He holds a PhD in Religion (Baylor), an MA in Theology (University of Notre Dame) and a BA in History and Classical Antiquities (Missouri State University)

Books by Bracy V. Hill II

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God, Nimrod, and the World: Exploring Christian Perspectives on Sport Hunting
Edited by: Bracy V. Hill II, John B. White
Product Code: P552
ISBN: 9780881466331
Product Format: Paperback / softback
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GOD, NIMROD, AND THE WORLD presents the perspectives of more than two-dozen authors on the controversial sport of hunting, surveying the relationship between the blood sport and the salvation religion of Christianity. The first half of the book provides sketches of the diverse interpretations of hunting in Hebrew and Christian cultures of the last two millennia, finally giving voice to those in the field who are both practitioners and persons of faith. The second half offers prescriptions for the place of hunting in the life of contemporary Christians, with perspectives arguing for prohibition to those contending that hunting has a practical, even perfecting, place in the life of faith.