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Samuel Norman Thomas, Jr.

Samuel Norman Thomas, Jr. has worked in the museum field for the past twenty-five years and has authored or coauthored seven works. He lives in Athens, Georgia, where he serves as curator of the T.R.R. Cobb House.

Books by Samuel Norman Thomas, Jr.

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Greatly loved by those who served under him, Lieutenant Colonel William Gaston Delony possessed three admirable attributes: “commanding presence, bull dog courage, and superb generalship.” THE LEGION'S FIGHTING BULLDOG relays the story of a young man, on the cusp of a promising law career in the 1850s who comes to the conclusion that his way of life, and that of his neighbors, is about to change forever. Interwoven with those of his wife, Rosa Eugenia Huguenin, the Delony correspondence furnishes us a window into the lives of independent individuals during the Civil War who also happened to be well-placed in society due to birth. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Delony was well educated for the period. A lawyer prior to the war, his tremendous inherent tenacity and fighting ability made him the first Georgia Bulldog.